Natural Cosmetics: natural beauty is the most beautiful of all

There is no chemical or artificial product around that can supersede the wonders of nature.  Nature contains all the magic formulas to give the body everything it needs to be beautiful.

Natural Cosmetics: natural beauty is the most beautifulHere, we will give you a brief list of a few natural beauty and hygiene products that you can use with complete confidence.  Not only will they make you beautiful, they will help you positively nourish and stimulate your body’s natural reactions.

Natural Cosmetics

Aloe: Creams, shampoos, and natural oils with aloe as their base are excellent for nourishing, indulging, and beautifying.

Sea Buckthorn: Naturally reduces the effects of aging.  Cosmetics elaborated with a Sea Buckthorn base are perfect for all skin types.  It has a high concentration of vitamin C, its oil is rich in vitamins A and E, and it contains fatty acids that are extremely useful as cosmetics and therapy.

Royal Jelly: Rich in water and contains considerable amounts of vitamins, amino acids, and salts.  Just like honey (and even more so), it is regenerative, which is why it is used in anti-aging creams.

Lemon Blossom: This extract from lemon blossoms is fantastic for dry skin, contains a lot of vitamin C, and contains anti-infectious properties, and is also relaxing.  The well-known essential oil Neroli is distilled from this flower, and is used in aromatherapy for massages and to produce a calming effect.

Ginseng: An excellent natural ingredient with active components that even penetrate to the germinal skin layer, with special properties that improve skin elasticity and accelerate cellular regeneration.  This is used to retard aging and to improve skin elasticity.  It even improves hair growth and quality.

Seaweed: Rich in vitamins and minerals, they nourish the skin and help repair it.  They are perfect in masks, help repair skin after sun exposure, hydrate the skin, and balance natural hydration levels.  If other ingredients are added to seaweed creams or treatments, like phyto collagen, vitamin E (anti-oxidant and anti-spotting), etc., its effect is even greater.  Seaweed reinvests elasticity, beauty, youth, and health to the skin.  Its high content of trace elements, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins are the secret to returning youth and health to the skin.  Seaweed contains properties that balance, reduce inflammation, decongest, nourish, and provide oxygen.

Cucumber: Placing cucumber slices over your eyes is nothing new.  Cucumber’s extraordinary skin properties have been well known for a long time.  It is rich in vitamin E, natural oils, and smooths, re-hydrates, and brings freshness to the skin once again.  Cucumber helps restore the dermis, especially after sun exposure.

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