Migraines: Natural Treatment and More Ways of Getting Rid of them

No matter how hard you try, are you still unable to find a remedy for your migraine?  You might need to just stop thinking for a while and relax, while reading about what causes them.  Migraines a a type of acute headache with symptoms like sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, vomiting, etc.  Often times an individual may feel their pulse in their head.

Migraines: Natural Treatment and More Ways of Getting Rid of themMigraines occur when the head receives more blood than normal, which creates warning symptoms known as “auras”.  These occur before the heaviness and intense pains sets in, which are characteristic of migraines.

Abnormal brain activity causes changes in the nervous and chemical channels that stimulate the brain.

How to get rid of a migraine with natural alternatives

Excessive brain activity is one of the most influential factors of migraines.  Excessive brain activity could include any time that an individual thinks or reasons about a lot of things, or whenever someone experiences perfectionist feelings and attitudes which activate nerves and circulation in the head, to exaggerated levels.  This occurs especially when the individual experiences prolonged and accentuated feelings of control, individuals that don’t want to “lose their head”, and that also do not feel at ease with giving responsibility to others out of mistrust.  All of this over activates the brain and causes it to be in constant activity.

To cure migraines the individual needs to observe primarily this stress factor, and learn to relaxing and trust more in oneself and others.  This could be done through practicing abdominal breathing, guided meditation, or massage that helps release stress.

This stress also prevents the body from absorbing nutrients well and eliminating toxins, which means that the individual suffering from migraines needs to eat a diet that helps eliminate toxins.  They should eliminate milk, refined and sugary products from their diet, as well as red meats and deli meats.  Their diet should consist primarily of raw and steamed vegetable, citrus fruits before breakfast, and eating foods that help the nervous system, like brewer’s yeast, chia seeds, extra-virgin olive oil, almonds, walnuts, etc.

If you suffer from migraines it is important that you practice yoga or some other activity that focuses you in the present moment, daily.  This will help relax your mind, and you will feel more at peace with yourself.  High impact exercise, like running, helps eliminate stress and to relax the body, but yoga and tai chi help focus the mind and look at what you feel.

Other causes that influence migraines are:

  • Irregular sleep, sleeping at different times or repeatedly staying up late.
  • Being on the computer too much, reading, working or studying too much.
  • Consuming stimulating beverages or products like coffee or tea.
  • Holding back your tears or angry emotions.
  • A low-nutrient diet.
  • Excessive or prolonged fear and/or worry.
  • Poor nutrient absorption due to excessive toxins or prolonged stress.

Recommended infusions for migraines:

We recommend you drink chamomile, mint, passion flower, ginger, valerian or lemon infusions, all of which are relaxing and cleansing.

Ginger is also an inflammation-reducer, which is very useful for strong migraines, but we recommend you use herbs always as a preventive method.

Healing massage:

Bioenergetic massages are wonderful for reducing migraines because the dislodge accumulated stress and help release tensions.  We recommend you research this alternative; you can even give yourself a massage at certain points on the head whenever the migraine is strong.

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