The benefits of Facial Exercises

Toning exercises for facial muscles play an essential role in relaxing tensions, but also in fighting flaccidity.  Relaxation techniques are necessary tools in our society, which places a lot of importance on tension and stress.  Bills to pay, nerves at the office, running from one place to another all day…that’s why facial exercises are expanding so rapidly.  It promotes not only mental relaxation, but muscular relaxation in particular.  These exercises also create more muscular volume and therefor pulls skin upwards, once again, and repositions skin with a natural lifting effect.Benefits of facial exercises

So just how important is it to take care of the way you look?  Well, let’s just think about how the face contains four of our five senses.  Could that be for a reason?  The face is directly connected to the brain.  Whenever we meet a new person, even though we haven’t said a single word, the brain is already transmitting signals regarding the other.  So what can you do to look good, even though you’re tired, have problems, or haven’t slept enough…?

Good for skin and good for health

Working with facial musculature can:

  • Strengthen muscles, which support skin.
  • Activate blood circulation, which provides nutrients.
  • Relax tensions and therefore muscular rigidity.
  • Activate skin metabolism.
  • Eliminate accumulated toxins.
  • Improve skin oxygenation and eliminate skin’s tired look.
  • Fight dark circles under the eyes, thanks to the cellular oxygenation and improved expression.
  • Make your eyes shiny and prevent the upper eyelid from sagging.
  • Redefine lips, make them fuller and prevent wrinkles.
  • Eliminate double chin and can redefine your neck.

But you can also increase these effects by giving yourself a facial massage, which could eliminate headaches and tired eyes.

What is facial massage recommended for?

By making contact with the skin, tense muscles relax, soften, and simultaneously harmonize energetic circulation.  Energy radiates around the body that corresponds to all parts of the body.  The skin is not only a tissue, but an energetic cover that can be kept in perfect conditions by use of self-massage.

Consider massage like any other operation that includes brushing, friction, massage, or tapping, which are done to a certain area in attempt to create direct reactions in the body, or reflections of the therapeutic or aesthetic effect.  Whether you believe in its effects or not, it will relax you.  Mandibular tension is generally very consistent and lasts for a long time.  It is usually released at night when you go to sleep, through tooth grinding and squeezing your jaw together.  You can perform exercises to relax these tensions and incorporate them into a daily habit.

Ocular tension is another that is quite popular in this lifestyle.  We spend too much time straining our eyes (computers, phones, tvs).  Eye pain and headaches could easily be alleviated with these resources to help reduce tension in this area, and to NOT accumulate daily tensions.

In addition to these exercises that work facial musculature to facilitate energy circulation by means of energy, the blood circulated also creates twice as much nourishment, skin becomes dazzling, creams become more effective, and skin color will be rejuvenated.  Lack of circulation makes cells regenerate more slowly, and this effect is more noticeable in the face due to the abundance of veins and nerves.  Therefore, not only will you look more fresh and young, but you’ll also reap these multiple other benefits.

We are used to spending energy on performing so many tasks that we forget to use our energy and attention, and direct it towards ourselves, which is why we become exhausted and spent.


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