Relaxation Exercise…for anywhere

With this technique, with this wonderfull relaxation exercise, you will learn to renew yourself with a break when facing stress.  You will learn to relax and to improve your concentration.  Loosen up and relax all the muscles in your body, feel them become extremely light, while at the same time associating this sensation with a positive thought about well-being and relaxation.
Relaxation Exercise...for anywhere

Recommended relaxation exercise

You can perform this exercise either sitting or lying down, whatever is most comfortable for you.  Close your eyes so as to prevent anything from distracting you.  Breathe deeply and exhale, say the number 3, three times.  Once again, breathe deeply and when you exhale, say the number 2, three times.  Breathe deeply once again, and say the number 1, three times.

Now you have reached the alpha state, and you will be relaxed all around.

  • Think about your right leg, let it become completely relaxed, more and more heavy and relaxed.  It is absolutely fundamental that you become absolutely relaxed.
  • Likewise, do the same thing with your left leg.  Completely relax it.
  • Now relax your right arm, then your left.  Relax them until they feel extremely light.
  • Now relax the muscles in the nape of you neck, and your neck.  Feel how the tension in this area of your body disappears.
  • Relax your forehead, the area between your eyes, and feel how when you relax your forehead, so many pressures leave the area.  This fights headaches and improves concentration.
  • Relax your eyes, which are always subjected to so many hours of strain.
  • Separate your teeth a bit, opening your mouth and relaxing the muscles of your face and your jaw, releasing the accumulated tension from this area.
  • Then, relax your shoulders and your neck muscles.
  • Use abdominal breathing to relax your chest, and focus your attention on your stomach as it rises and falls.  Your breathing is peaceful, paused, and provides calmness and serenity.

Now we’re going to add a special plus to this exercise by thinking about something pleasant that you’re lived for a moment, and which sends a great smile throughout your entire body.

It order to exit the relaxation, breathe deeply and count to three.  Start to gently move your hands and feet, then open your eyes.  You will feel completely rested and relaxed.

At the end of this simple relaxation technique, you will feel completely rested and well, and your face will have transformed.

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