Laughter Yoga: laugh about everything, everywhere (part 2)

Part two

This type of therapy began with 5 people in 1995 and has since been gaining fame and cheerful acceptance around the world.  Today, nearly 2500 clubs exist, where members come together to practice this activity, in places like India, the United States, Canada, Australia, the Soviet Union, France, Armenia, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, the Nordic Islands, Finland, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Dubai. Practicing this type of health alternative has been covered by important and prestigious TV channels, magazines and newspapers.
laugh about everything, everywhere

Some visions of these clubs

  • These clubs use a systematic activity based on ancient practices such as yoga and meditation, along with modern science.
  • The Laughter Yoga members are to actively participate in the exercises and cannot simply stand by watching.
  • It has been proven that those that actively participate in any funny activity or that frequently laugh spontaneously, are those that receive the most magnificent benefits from laughter.
  • The body is the source of laughter and one can create laughter through a conscious force and dedication every time they wish to.  To wait to laugh at something is to be conditioned for something specific to happen.
  • Laughter clubs generate a genuine form of exercise based on yogic stretching combined with rhythmic and dynamic breathing exercises based on Yoga practice.  This causes laughter to create chemical and psychological changes that bring good health.
  • The natural and positive strength of laughter creates an extremely simple and effective option for healing oneself.  This is an activity that should never be forgotten and, if before, you waited for something to laugh at, now you know that you shouldn’t wait for something funny to laugh at.  Search for space in your house and begin to laugh.  You’ll soon see that laughter breaks loose spontaneously, and you begin to laugh from all over.  And if those that pass by look at you funny, it doesn’t matter, you might be surprised that in a bit, no one in the house can stop laughing.   

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