Food and tips to keep a Healthy Brain

It is absolutely fundamental to have a healthy and well nourished brain.  If our bone marrow is not strong or healthy, it is quite possible that this weakens the entire body, making it more prone to sickness or slow healing.Healthy Brain

Food for thought

To have a well nourished and strong brain, it is necessary to consume lots of foods containing phosphorous, lecithin (abundant in fish and soy as well), amino acids, benign fats and proteins.  Goat’s milk, soy milk, vegetable peels, raw vegetables, blue fish (salmon), alfalfa and fruits are among the most beneficial foods for the brain.

Just as following a healthy diet is important for a well oxygenated brain, so is a nice, daily exercise, such as walking, swimming, and Yoga and breathing exercises.  Drinking juices made from sprouts is very good for the body, while drinking Hawthorn berry tea at night for a nice oxygenating tonic for the brain.  Also, don’t forget to eat foods with vitamin E and calcium, such as almonds, nuts, olive oil, avocado, etc.

Another way to promote optimum brain function is to stimulate the brain with good reading or skills and creativity exercises.  Writing, painting, reading, etc., all help the brain to function strongly, to be fresh, and to have an innovative capacity of being receptive and reflective.  It’s also beneficial to perform challenging activities, especially for small children whom tend to have a very agile and awakened mental capacity.  Frequently, however, these creative and curious talents are lost or ruined as the child grows, out of lack of good stimuli.

Intelligent music for a healthy Brain

Lastly, never forget to listen to “intelligent music”, such as Mozart, Bach, Rossini, Beethoven, etc., as these are wonderful stimulants for the brains.  If you turn this music on while doing chores or while your children sleep, these musical effects will take effect marvelously in your brain without you even paying specific attention to it.  You may even notice the effect it has on your nervous system, which will be more relaxed and receptive, or will stimulate the brain in a healthy way.

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