The Hand of all Fortunes (part two)

Part one

She met someone that read palms.  She didn’t trust them, but she didn’t resist when they asked to read her hand.  They told her things completely different from what she had been told earlier.  At first, she felt a sense of denial.  She thought he was just some crazy guy, but afterwards, those words swam around inside her head, and she felt a certain discomfort throughout the following days.  She felt disillusioned, and she had doubt and confusion in her heart.  What if that guy was right?  And she began to fear for what the man had predicted.

FortunesThe magic was already made, however.  Shortly after that pessimistic reading, a great fortune came her way.  Her life took on a sense of great abundance, magnificent things began to happen to her, and her fantastical life, she told me, was cut short.  She began to understand after some time, the power of thought, and how sooner or later, the mind manifests that which it focuses on.  She began to believe in what she herself wanted, and not in what she didn’t want.  She had proven it, there was clear evidence surrounding her.  This was a product of the focused thoughts she had maintained for quite some time.  She had felt it; she had dreamed of it.  Her life not only became magnificent, but her mind as well became a wonderful tool that gave her a truly magical personality.

Thought contamination

That afternoon she explained to me the spell that the words we hear growing up put on us.  She explained how human beings can either weaken or strengthen their lives with just the thoughts they think about themselves.  Lots of people around us contaminate our thoughts with trivial and pointless matters; weak and poor ideas that make us feel unworthy, that things aren’t in our own hands, or that our joy depends of lots of different things.  She understood the secret that used to be taught in ancient schools of wisdom, passed down to only a privileged few.  A secret that’s beginning to unfold to everyone: you must focus more on what you want, than on what you see.

And what she did with her daughter was very simple: the mother was educating her daughter to enjoy, she was teaching her happiness, to have fun, and the little girl possessed a mind truly free from the worry of trivial things.  She was focused on the magic of life, and knew that she had been born to enjoy truly important things – the present,  and everything contained therein.  When all things are said and done, things resolve themselves.  She knew one thing: she possessed the hand of all fortunes.  

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