How to Stop Snoring

Deep sleep during the night is restorative, and something that no human being can go without.  Our body’s repair themselves and rejuvenate their senses when we sleep.  All of us have felt the effects of a poor night’s sleep in some way or another.  When we don’t sleep well,  we feel distracted, irritable, out of touch with reality, and we’re in a bad mood.

How to Stop SnoringIf several nights go by without deep sleep, we begin to suffer from different condition, like dry and irritable skin, frizzy and damaged hair, our immune system will weaken, and we’ll be more prone to all types of illnesses.   

Not everyone is bothered and woken up by the sound of snoring, but some people are more sensitive to these sounds, and definitely can’t get to sleep with them.  There are several ways to solve this problem, like going to another room, hit the person with a pillow, or buying ear plugs.

However, when none of these solutions works, and the snoring is louder than an out of tune trumpet, heard throughout the entire house, the snoring penetrates even the most expensive ear plugs.  In this case, we have to take matters into our own hands, and go directly to the problem for a solution.  So get to work, and stop getting angry.  Follow these tips, we hope they work for you:

Tips to stop snoring

Talk with whoever it is that’s snoring, and let them know how you feel.  Ask them to help you avoid this problem with the following remedies:

1. Before going to bed, make a sage tea for whoever snores.  Boil several of the leaves for 20 minutes.  Then strain and let set a few minutes.  Offer this with a touch of honey.  This can greatly reduce snoring.

2. Another remedy is to cut an onion into chunks, and boil them for 20 minutes.  Strain and add a few spoonfuls of brown sugar.  Stir, and drink 2 hours before going to bed.

3.  Remind whoever is snoring that sleeping position is very important.  Ask them to sleep on their side to avoid putting pressure on their lungs, and to facilitate breathing.  You can suggest they slightly raise the head of the bed by placing a piece of paper under the top feet of the bed.  This will leave the bed inclined, with the head tilted slightly upwards.

4. Lastly, there are minor surgeries that can be done to stop snoring.  You could also suggest this option.

If you know of any other recipe of remedy to stop snoring, we would love to hear your advice.  Not only us, but everyone else who can’t sleep.

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