Healthy and Happy Kids with Natural Medicine

There’s nothing that makes a parent happier than seeing their child happy and in good health.  And it is precisely that feeling that is a double-edged sword, because a lot of times, that desire to see them well can cause confusion or stress when the child comes down with some illness, or becomes depressed or apathetic.  And, if the situation doesn’t improve, or even if it gets worse, the adult can begin to feel desperation and anxiety.  These emotions frequently provoke decisions that aren’t always convenient, and some of them can even cause more harm than good over time.

Healthy and Happy Kids with Natural MedicineWhen a child becomes sick, or is run down by a feeling of indifference or apathy for prolonged periods of time, there are lots of decisions regarding the situation that can be made.  However, if you know what the illness is, and the causes that could create these feelings of depression in children, you could undoubtedly assess the situation with a much wider perspective, and you could make a lot better decisions to promote your child’s well-being.  Parents need to know what the illness is, and what the best alternatives are for its complete healing.

What is illness?

In spite of what a lot of people think, illness is nothing bad, but just a way in which the body is trying to adapt to some circumstance of imbalance within the body.  The “bad” that is felt from an illness, is nothing more than the effort the body makes to cleanse, balance, and to try to keep the body it its best state after certain natural laws have been broken.  So you experience pain, fever, irritation, burning, inflammation, etc.  All of this is what the body has to do to recover its natural harmony.

If you try to “fight” an illness, what you are really doing to fighting your body’s ability to self-balance, and to recover its natural harmony.  The illness is a way in which the body reacts to fight whatever is obstructing its vital functions, and its symptoms, in reality, are the the body lets us know that “something” is not letting it function to its full capacity.

So, an illness should not be fought: it should be listened to, observed, and then, the most appropriate decision should be made to help the body in its recovery, along with the strengthening of whatever is necessary to recover harmony and health.

In case of an illness, what should I do?

As parents, it is more important to know a lot of practical and simple things that can be used when your child suffers from some condition.  You don’ always need to go to the doctor for syrups, injections, pills, etc.  These allopathic remedies only attack the symptoms, without considering the root that could have caused the problem.  What these types of remedies really do is try to stimulate or irritate the body artificially, so the body becomes slowly accustomed to receiving external “help”, which over time, causes the body (its defense system) to become more and more “lazy” in self-healing, defending itself, and responding for itself.

The first thing to do in case of any symptom or condition is, undoubtedly, to try to help the body defend itself and to recover its balance in the most natural way possible.  And for this, there is nothing better than natural medicine.  So when you notice any sort of symptom in your child, the best thing is to know the basics of natural medicine to help them, in any way possible, to recover by him/herself.  A lot of times (the majority of times) the symptoms or the illness simply begin to disappear with truly simple and effective natural remedies.

Natural Medicine

If you truly want to make your child very resistant to all conditions, you will have to begin by being a bit tolerant when they get to feeling a little bit “bad”.  Understanding that their body is trying to adapt to some circumstance of imbalance.  You must also understand that natural medicine is not a quick remedy, because it is helping, and not forcing, the body to recover its equilibrium and well-being.  So be a little patient and little by little, you will see very convincing results.

Natural medicine is based on diet, herbs, herbal tea, an appropriate combination of foods, everyday habits, thoughts, a positive attitude towards life, correct breathing, and hygiene, etc.  Your child could undoubtedly benefit from all of this, no matter what their illness of mental state.  You can truly make them strong in all senses.

If you want to know how to begin to promote this medicine in your children, and which natural remedies you can use for fever, cough, phlegm, inflammation, irritation, skin problems, etc., follow this link: Natural remedies for childhood illnesses

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