Create harmony at home with Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is the study of color and its powerful influence on harmonious and spiritual states in humans.  Colors are energy waves that vibrate with certain frequencies.  Each color emanates a different vibrational frequency that produces certain reactions, not only in people, but also in plants and animals.  This promotes and helps different emotional states, and also helps to cure illnesses.Chromotherapy: Macro of yellow forsythia flower

Chromotherapy: We dress how we feel

Some studies on the topic confirm that we dress throughout the day in the color that “we feel”.  Therefore, if we know how to identify what every color tells us, we can not only know how we feel on certain days, but we can also accentuate through decoration, those colors that inspire the emotions that we want to feel, and can transmit to people who visit our spaces, be it work or home.  Creating a harmonious and attractive environment in the home has its own art.  A good way to start is to consider the colors in your decoration.

BRIGHT RED: this is a powerful stimulant, excites the nervous system and the blood flow, liberates adrenaline, invigorates the body and lifts the spirit.  In excess in decoration, it causes irritation, bad moods, and desperation.  People will want to leave your house quickly.

BRIGHT ORANGE: this color stimulates the digestive system, which is why it is used in restaurants and food areas.  In medicine, it is used to treat lung, pancreas, and spleen ilnesses.  This color brings happiness and creates well-being.  Perfect for promoting creativity and lucid thought.  It matches well with green, yellow, and the color of wood.  It goes well in kitchens and game rooms.  You can quickly grow tired of it if used in excess, or if poorly matched.

SOFT-GOLDEN YELLOW: warm color, it is anti-depressive, lifts the spirit, motivates spiritual states, calms stress, motivates study; in medicine it is used to cure the skin.  Soft yellow on walls creates a soft and very welcoming environment.

GARDEN GREEN OR EMERALD: a fresh color that immediately creates a sense of well-being, harmony, and balance.  Lightens up any environment!  It also tones the heart, the blood, and the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, motivates positive mental states, stimulates the pituitary gland, promotes muscle and tissue construction, perfect for artists and creators.  The best way to use this color is by placing plants and flowers in your house!  If they are natural, all the better.  This will create a truly seductive and very attractive environment for people who enter.  It goes very well with wood or yellow tones.  Green and yellow go really well together for children’s game rooms.

LIGHT OR BRIGHT BLUE, OR SKY: this is a cold, astringent, and antiseptic color that generates a feeling of cleanliness and order.  It refreshes, and is perfect for areas that require concentration, or where you meditate.  It tranquilizes and provides a peaceful feeling.  Used in excess it produces drowsiness and lethargy.  If you use it, you must match it with warm or effective colors.  Brown with blue creates a reserved and special environment.

 LIGHT VIOLET: sweet color, good for children’s room.  It positively influences them to become sensitive and reflexive.  Used in excess it can create discomfort.

PURPLE: mystical, electric color, it acts on the parathyroid and the thyroid.  In medicine it is used to stop hemorrhages, purifies the blood, directly affects emotional and spiritual levels.  You must be careful with this color while decorating.  Use it very little, and in key areas.  Perhaps a candle or a lamp in a corner.  It will give your room a magical environment, especially if it has forest tones.

WHITE: fresh color, the most elegant of all.  Gives a sense of purity and cleanliness.  Harmonizes areas and helps stimulate creative thought.  It inspires, brings peace, and is an excellent healing color.  This color should not be absent in your home, it gives space and breathing room, and helps emphasize whichever decoration you choose.

Playing with colors in your house isn’t something you learn.  It could be a very intuitive task, you simply let yourself flow with whatever inspires you, and whatever you like.  The most important thing is that you feel well when you are enter your house, your job, or your room.  You should feel like you love that spot, and that you always make it as cute and as attractive for your eyes.

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