Natural Remedies for Childhood Illnesses

In childhood illnesses, one of the greatest benefits of natural medicine is that it can help not only to cure children, but it will make them resistant to illnesses and contagions.  Their mood’s will be truly improved, because a natural way of like helps eliminate stress, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, apathy, etc., while at the same time, fostering creativity, concentration, good moods, emotional health, and enthusiasm.

Natural Remedies for Childhood IllnessesBellow, we will give you a few of the basics for Preventive Natural Medicine for children (1 year and older):

1. Diet: Include fresh vegetables (at least 2 portions) in their daily diet, whether this be in salads or freshly prepared juices, as well as whole grains.  Do not mix the fruits with other foods.  Give them fruit by itself, either in the afternoon or in the morning.  Avoid refined, canned, fried, or packaged foods, or “fast food” in their diet.  Try to eliminate foods that just “fill them up”, especially breads and refined sugars (and their derivatives).  Sugar is truly harmful for the body and important systems, like the nervous and hormonal system.  A diet high in refined sugars is the principal cause of a large amount of conditions, like phlegm, fevers, skin problems, stomach pains, rashes, dental problems, etc., and it also robs calcium from the body.  You should substitute it with brown sugar, powdered brown sugar, honey, or grain molasses.   But above all, avoid sweetening foods too much.

2. Exercise: this is very important for you child to have good oxygenation and nutrient distribution.  Swimming and gymnastics are excellent, although a special activity is not necessary.  Taking them out to run and play in the park for a half an hour a day is sufficient.

3. Do activities with them whenever you can, and talk to them about what they like, and not about what you like, etc.  Don’t explain everything to them, even though you know it.  Ask them questions, and let them investigate and reason.  The company of an adult who pays attention to them is especially important for kids: this fosters their security, helps them reflect and break down ideas, and it helps them awaken their curiosity.  Try to make your voice sound friendly, patient, and firm for the child.  The time you spend with your child is important, even though you don’t notice it, or you don’t talk about a whole lot, for them, feeling accompanied gives them a lot of security.

4. Try to achieve the most tranquil and peaceful environment possible at home.

5. Try to promote some sort of artistic activity, like painting, reading, music, writing, etc.  The smaller the child, the more they could like these activities, and prevent them from wanting to spend the whole day in front of the computer or TV when they grow up.

6. Whenever you can, always take trips to places outside of the city.

A few natural remedies for a few common conditions in childhood illnesses:

  • FEVER: fever can be reduced by applying a moist towel (recently moistened with cold tap water) to the stomach.  You should re-moisten the towel with lukewarm water every time it gets warm.  Elder, lemon, and cypress teas are good for lowering fever.  Follow a recommended diet.
  • PHLEGM, COUGH, AND RESPIRATORY TRACT CONDITIONS: diet is extremely important: suspend dairy and sugars, breads and refined grains, as well as foods with harmful fat.  Give them a small piece of garlic in the morning before they eat, with half a glass of warm water.  If the child is small, you should crush the garlic with a spoon, and give it to them with a bit of honey.  Teas with lemon, horehound, thyme, elder, eucalyptus, or bougainvillea are very good expectorants.  Two cups of tea a day with a squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of propolis will help enormously in a speedy recovery.  Increase their consumption of fresh foods with vitamin C, like lemon, orange, broccoli, etc.
  • RASHES, WELTS, OR INTOXICATION: suspend refined sugars, dairy, and packaged animal products.  Give them half a glass of warm water with squeezed lemon juice before breakfast.
  • PARASITES: garlic, herb tea, and thyme are excellent for removing parasites.  You can give small children one clove of crushed garlic before breakfast, and do not give them anything else to eat for the following half an hour.  Herbal and thyme tea are also good before breakfast.
  • SORES AND ULCERS: apply a cotton ball, moistened with thyme infusion or hypericum, or place fresh orange peels on the ulcer.
  • CONSTIPATION: follow a recommended diet.  In the morning, give them a plate of papaya.  At night, 3 prunes or a fresh apple salad.  Or, make them an apple with linseed smoothie, sweetened with a bit of molasses.  Give them 2 spoonfuls of olive oil throughout the day.  Birch or coconut tea or tincture are excellent for keeping the intestines functioning properly, fighting constipation and hemorrhoids.

Alternative therapies for children:

There are a lot of alternative therapies that can also support you in the event that your child has any illness.  These are also meant to promote the body’s ability to self-heal as well.  These therapies are: reflexology, bioenergetics, homeopathy, phytotherapy, magnet therapy, hydrotherapy, reiki, ayureda, etc.

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