Heal Yourself with Your Heart: the Miracle Cure

Humanity has battled illness for a long time.  Today, a large variety of alternatives, medicines, remedies, therapies, etc., can be found for healing.  Yet, in spite of all these offers, people can’t always achieve complete healing; whatever you chose, or what works for a little while, doesn’t always completely cure.  A lot of times, no matter how much you look, you end up not finding a complete way to heal a condition, and you’ll have to suffer from it for life.  You become a slave or a prisoner of medications, doctor’s visits, pains, etc.
Heal Yourself with Your Heart: the miracle cure

What is Heart Healing all about?

Healing is a process of recovering equilibrium and natural and spontaneous bodily functions.  The truth is, health is the human being’s natural state.  The only thing we do in interfere with or block the body’s ability to be healthy.

Complete healing is not only applicable to the body, because the body is just a reflection of a series of habits and attitudes that are physical as well as mental and emotional too.  If you focus on your body for healing, what you will be thinking about is eliminating the symptom, which is healing focused on “removing the pain” or the unpleasant symptom as soon as possible.  This could prevent a complete cure, creating a fleeting alleviation.  Your pain then goes away for the moment, but then the illness returns, and sometimes gets worse.

Relief is not the same as curing

Relief is fleeting health.  Curing consists of making the body strong, resistant, and energetic.  When you search for relief, you try to get rid of the pain, either by disguising it or numbing it with pills, not wanting to hear anything else about it.  When you try to heal yourself, you try to understand the pain in order to transform it.

How does a complete Cure happen?

A complete Cure happens when you liberate yourself from whatever it is that is obstructing your healing capacity, either consciously or unconsciously.  A lot of times it’s not the remedy that you choose that is important, but what is more important is the intention you have to heal yourself, and to think about and “see” something in yourself that you didn’t see or didn’t understand before.

Bodily health does not happen by luck.  As we’ve said before, it is the result of a series of habits and attitudes.  In just the way that diet forms an essential part of healing, so are life habits like rest, good breathing ,etc., a fundamental part of healing.  What we feel also powerfully influences the body.  The body reflects what moves us and makes us excited, among other things.  So does the way in which we react to what happens to use daily.  So if you want a truly strong and healed body, you need to consider the way in which you live life, as well as your perspective regarding it, because this could be a key point in achieving an effective, deep, quick, or even miraculous healing. Considering this is to consider the most sublime part of the human being: the spiritual self.

In addition to choosing a treatment for healing, a proper diet, and certain life habits, we recommend following this emotional curing guide that will help deeply heal you.

How do I heal from the heart?

The truth is, it’s quite simple.  All you need to do is become a little more aware of the way in which you are living.  A lot of times we don’t realize it, but we live with a lot of tension, pressure, hurry, discontent, etc.  A lot of people are used to living under pressure, fear, anger, anxiety, or uncertainty, and all of this powerfully influences your health.  It blocks good functioning of your systems and organs.

If you are sick and want to truly heal yourself, take advantage of this moment and make it a moment of deep introspection, which will help cure you.  Your body will become truly more resilient and strong.

A few key questions and recommendations for becoming conscious and healing from the heart

Look at what you do more deeply, and ask yourself if you’re sick:

Do I really enjoy what I do everyday?  Do I work with fear or tension?  Am I investing my time in what  I really want?  And if not…What would I truly like to invest my time in?  Why don’t I do it?  Do I feel competent in what I do?  Do I demand too much of myself?

Pleasing or saving others:

You also need to consider these questions:  Am I trying to get along with someone or something?  Do I feel forced to say what I don’t feel, or be who I am not?  Do I want to save someone or be “the good guy” in the movie, forgetting about myself?

Here are some more key questions:

a) What is the most important thing in my life?  Am I truly dedicating my life to what I want?

b) Do I insist that someone else gives me what I need and want?

c) Do I constantly demand that others be a certain way, according to my point of view?

d) What am I lacking to be happy?

e) Do I truly want to be happy or do I want others to make me happy?

f) Do I criticize myself too much?

g) How do I talk to myself?

h) Do I let others treat me disrespectfully or indignantly?

Use your time wisely

All of these questions can help you to reorganize and orient your time and dedication to what you really want.  You might realize that it would be best to fill your life with new ideas and new ways of reacting; you might give yourself more free time to do what you really want to do.

You may have seen the harsh way in which you talk to yourself or treat yourself, or you by be letting someone else treat you in a way that you don’t like, just because you’re afraid of change or following another path.  You might also consider the rhythm with which you’ve lived, and how much you are nourishing your spiritual side.  This consists primarily in learning to be happy and to feel free and creative.  Living in a hurry, or at a fast pace, tense, resistant, etc., deprives you of enjoyment and pleasure in what you do.  All this will do is make you sick, sooner or later.

Be available to change

To consider everything just said is to accept a much more pleasant change in your life.  The first step is to realize what it is that is causing your resistance, disgust, or the reasons you don’t want to “be in the day”.  Then, you need to start reorienting your activities, little by little, towards what you really want or feel, or to be or do what you want.  Simply redirecting your life towards what you want will begin to awaken an energy inside you that activates the body’s healing power.  This means you’re telling the body with all your conviction: Yes, I really want to be here now!

Does forgiveness heal?

The truth is, yes, and it is an important step for healing.  But this only happens if you truly understand how to forgive.  Forgiving is not a forced action.  Forgiving is a state of understanding.  It broadly means that you have realized that no one in your life knows how to make you happy because some people don’t even know how to make themselves happy.  And others are too busy with their own pain or lacking, or quite simply, no one else is obligated to make you happy.  So being happy is your responsibility.

When you truly understand this, you will notice that no one owes you anything because everyone has done the best they could, with the possibilities they had.  Focusing of how someone should be or blaming your parents because they didn’t raise you properly doesn’t make any sense when you truly want to heal yourself.  No parent knows exactly how to raise a child, nor do the people around you know how to love or relate harmoniously because they themselves haven’t understood it.  So begin with yourself: focus your energy on finding what you love and what pleases you, and you will slowly see the anger leave your heart.

Do not despair while you are curing yourself

If you have really put great effort in your treatment and you have considered, and even begun a new way of seeing and living life, and you don’t see any changes in your health, do not despair.  Your body will take the time it needs to restore itself, but don’t loose sight of the fact that you’re curing yourself.  If you heal your heart and your life, your body will inevitably heal as well.

Be persistent and don’t stop focusing on what you want to achieve and what you want.  Don’t lose sight of the vision of the man or woman you want to become.  If you are patient with yourself, and if you endeavor to cure yourself by considering everything that you are, both your physical aspect and your mental and spiritual aspect will undoubtedly be cured.

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