Digestion, Health, and Chlorella

Our ancient ancestors never had intestinal problems digesting junk food like hamburgers with fried meat, sodas, and fried foods, quite simply, because they didn’t exist then.  Today, eating foods of poor nutritional value like those just mentioned (and many more), pose a huge problem for our stomachs since they are so difficult to digest.  If we eat junk food, our intestines spend a considerable amount of time trying to reap what little benefits they can, while also trying to eliminate things the body can’t use.  These foods have poor nutritional value, and when our diets lack nutrients, we develop what is known as constipation, stomach aches, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, diverticulitis, along with other intestinal and stomach illness that were once unknown to man.

Digestion, Health, and ChlorellaNow, not everything was peachy keen back in the day.  In our more recent past, at several of the plentiful banquets offered to the high societies of Rome, dinner guests enjoyed excessive amounts of food and drink after dinner.  This is how stoic philosophers coined the phrase “everything in moderation, nothing in excess”.

Digestion and health

Lots of doctors and health specialists already understand that to speak of health, is to speak of digestion.  However, not many people come to realize that obesity or malnutrition problems provoke countless diseases.  This is due not only to “bad” foods or other problems, but also because those people experience difficulty in digesting foods appropriately, for whatever reason.

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is an algae used in natural medicine as a dietary supplement.  When the algae is in its freshwater environment, it develops a protective layer that prevents it from being completely absorbed.  Today, however, we have discovered a way in which to nearly completely digest  the extremely nutritive properties of this algae, while the remaining algae passes cleanly through the intestines.

Chlorella contains a fair percentage of our daily proteins, is rich in nucleic acids, has very high levels of vitamin A (more than 90% of our daily requirements), and is also an excellent source of vitamin C and iron.  This algae is a perfect and effective remedy for fighting anemia, malnutrition, for enriching and cleansing the blood, nervous system, and the brain.  It strengthens our immune systems, helps eliminate and fight toxins of harmful bacteria in the body, and strengthens the body’s capacity to defend itself against contamination such as smog, pesticides, and harmful elements in the environment.

This generous algae can also be used to fight free radicals, contains high levels of chlorophyll, and can be used as an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory.

Where can I get it?

Chlorella can be found in tablets at health food stores, or added in some dietary supplements.

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