The beauty of Bananas

The banana, this sweet and extremely nutritious tropical fruit, comes from an enormous tree.  It contains high levels of potassium, iron and vitamin A.  This fruit also contains proteins and phosphorus, and provides a lot of energy; that is why it is a preferred fruit by athletes.  It is a great source of calories, and helps prevent and treat a lot of conditions, like those seen here:

The beauty of BananasConstipation: contains a lot of fiber, which helps naturally restore and stimulate intestinal action without the need of corrosive pharmaceutical laxatives that irritate the intestines.

Anemia and underweight: Due to its high iron content, bananas stimulate hemoglobin production in the blood, making it perfect for anemia cases, when you’re underweight, and for those that want to build a little more muscle.

Blood pressure and heart attacks: Their high potassium content, and low sodium content make this the perfect fruit for lowering blood pressure, which is openly recognized as a natural preventive for heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Mental dexterity: Its high potassium content could help students activate attention and memory capacities.

After high alcohol consumption (hangovers): a banana beverage with a touch of honey helps restore the stomach.  If you add soy milk to this drink, it will also help re-hydrate and restore the body.

Stomach acid: Bananas create a natural anti-acid effect.

Stress reducer: potassium is an essential mineral that helps normalize cardiac rhythm, sends oxygen to the brain and regulates hydration levels in the body.  When we’re under stress, our metabolism increases, reducing potassium levels.  A nice banana snack, high in potassium, can help re-balance these levels.

Vomiting: this fruit helps prevent nausea.

Mosquito bites: If a mosquito bites you, try rubbing a bit of the banana peel on the affected area.

Satiates hunger: Bananas contain large amounts of vitamin B.  If you’re hungry or are feeling drained of energy, eat a banana instead of fried or junk food.  Bananas, besides proving to be a healthy alternative to satiate hunger, calms nerves and anxiety.

Ulcers: This fruit neutralizes excess acid and reduces irritation by lining the stomach.

Stop smoking: bananas also will help you to quit smoking.  Their high content of vitamins B6 and B12, potassium, and magnesium help cleanse nicotine from the body.

Pre-menstrual symptoms: Rather than sedating your body with pills, eat a banana, and leave the house to take a sunny stroll.  Vitamin B6 , found in bananas, regulates glucose blood levels, greatly improving energy levels.  he walk will help better blood circulation, and the heat from the sun causes the aches to disappear.  When you have cramps, do this, even if it’s uncomfortable for a while, or you just don’t want to.  After a few minutes of walking, the pain will subside noticeably.  If you do this every time you get your period, you’ll begin to notice that each time you will have less pain, until eventually it disappears completely.

Skin and bananas

Bananas are actually a very effective and nutritious cream to beautify, heal, and nourish the skin.  A mask made out of banana pulp, a bit of natural, sugar-free yogurt, and a few drops of lemon, used once a week, will noticeably improve the appearance of your skin.

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