Beauty tips for your Back

Is there anyone who’s never felt tempted to touch a well-sculpted, smooth skinned, and well postured back ?  We pay specific attention and preference to the skin, the hair, the legs and waist.  But what about the back?  Often times we “leave behind” caring for this area of the body, which, just like other parts of the body reflects a lot of things about our personalities.

back of a muscular manFor example, lots of zits on the back reflect a body with excessive fat.  If our back dries out, we lack vegetable fats and/or moisture, or a good exfoliation.  If our back looks flabby or has loose skin, it’s pretty obvious that we don’t get enough exercise or stretching.  And when our back looks bony, it could mean poor dietary choices.

If you want a healthy, “rich” back to shine under your neckline, do not abandon these tips:

  • Be sure to use a good scrubber brush on your back: since it’s hard to see this area, it’s very likely that parts of it are left forgotten by our scrubber brush.  Pay a lot of attention to how you bathe.  Use long-armed scrubber brushes, or a textured cloth that you can grab with both hands and rub over your back, from your neck to your glutes.
  • When you bathe, avoid using very hot water.  The back is primarily where the water constantly falls, and if your water is very hot, your back will have the tendency to dry out.  It’s best to shower with cold water, as this stimulates circulation.  But if you can’t stand it, use the coolest water possible.
  • If the skin on your back is fatty and has blackheads, try to use astringents, or simply use a bit of water with lemon drops in it.  Do not rinse this, and do not apply any creams.  Also, avoid consuming overly fatty or fried foods, like sausages.  Drink lots of fresh vegetable juices to nourish the skin.
  • Exfoliating the skin on your back is just as important as exfoliating other parts of the body.
  • The back should be just as clean as the face.  If you don’t have an exfoliator on hand, no big deal.  You can use granulated sugar or a little bit of crushed oatmeal instead.  Every time you bathe, moisten whichever exfoliator you choose, and gently rub it into the skin on your back.  If you feel you can’t reach some parts of your back, use a textured towel for help, and gently rub it around the back, held between both hands.
  • Watch your diet: try to consume quality and well-balanced foods.  What you eat is undoubtedly shown in your skin.
  • Massage: This remedy is very good for stimulating blood flow to the skin and muscles in your back.  The back of your neck and behind the shoulders is typically where tension from the day accumulates.  We advise that you see a professional every once in a while for a good massage.  Keep in mind that massages prevent skin deterioration and ulcers for those who are bedridden.
  • Exercise your back muscles with swimming, working out, dancing, or ballet.

Health tips for the Back

Keep in mind that not only do you need beauty tips, but health tips as well.

  1. Try to hold good, upright posture.  Don’t slouch or bend over, as this obstructs good blood circulation, and causes excess tension in the back.
  2. Try to use good shoes; comfortable and soft.  Avoid heels, and walk in sand or grass.
  3. When you have to pick something up from the ground, don’t bend over; bend your knees and squat down with your entire body.
  4. Sleep on a firm mattress.
  5. Sunbathe and use cold water baths for you back frequently.  The sun greatly helps fasten vitamins and minerals in the bones and skin.
  6. Drink lots of water, at least 2 liters a day.  This will keep your skin well hydrated.

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