How to keep a Healthy Spinal Column

The spinal column, or the backbone, is a jointed and resilient structure located in a vertical line throughout the center of the back; it reaches from the stem of the head to the pelvis.  It is divided into the cervical region (with seven vertebrae), the lumbar region (with five vertebrae), the sacrum region (with five vertebrae), and the coccyx region (with four separate vertebrae).

How to keep a Healthy Spinal ColumnEach part of the spinal column is greatly valuable for support, mobility, and body posture, and is also a fundamental conducting guide for the nervous system.

In order to keep a health spinal column, you must keep the following points in mind:

1. Posture awareness

Keeping your spine upright is one of the best ways to keep your spinal column healthy.  In order to do you you must self-correct any time your body’s posture is inappropriate by squeezing and contracting your abdomen , and lining it up so that your spine is upright.  Shoulders should lean back, and without forcing let them fall freely to the sides, without wandering forward.  Bad posture causes pinches nerves between the vertebrae, which blocks both good blood and energy circulation.  Bad posture is one of the causes of depression or lack of energy.  You should also check your posture while sitting, especially if you work long hours in front of a computer screen or a desk.  You can place a clock in front of you that sounds at certain time intervals that reminds you to check your posture.

2. Exercise:

You need to keep your back and abdomen muscles strong and firm.  Doing physical activity is highly recommendable, including a series for abs, the lumbar region, and back exercises with a little weight.  This will keep your back feeling strong and flexible.  Yoga is a great practice for toning and relaxing the spine, and bioenergy exercises also help release accumulated tension.  One really good exercise for releasing tension from the spine is: while standing, stand upright, placing your arms to your sides.  Grab both hands, intertwining your fingers and stretch them out in front of your chest.  Curve your spine and back as if you were making the letter “C” and pull your arms as far forward as you can.  Do this 5 consecutive times or whenever you feel tension in your shoulders or back.

3. Avoid toxin accumulation:

You must follow a diet free of junk food, and products that are refined, fatty, sugary, or fried. These foods produce accumulations of toxins that can accumulate in the spine over time and that can create a lot of complications and illnesses.  You should include fresh vegetable juices in your diet, along with fish, almonds, and at least 2 liters of fresh water to avoid accumulating toxins and fats in your back and spine.

4. Eliminate excess weight:

Excess weight only tires and exhausts the spine, causing excess vertebral tension.  If you are carrying a lot of extra weight, a purifying diet is recommendable, which can not only eliminate the excess weight, but it can also eliminate accumulated toxins from the joints and spine.  Swimming is one of the best exercises for keeping the spine health and strong.

5. Spinal massages

Acupressure or bioenergetic and relaxing massages are fantastic alternatives for helping tones the vertebrae, remove toxins and free vertebral pressure.

6. Do not carry very heavy objects:

You should avoid carrying or exerting your spinal column too much so as to avoid lesions or herniated discs.

7. Dietary supplements:

For a healthy spine: magnesium, calcium, spirulina seaweed, brewer’s yeast, vegetable milks and oils, salmon oil, linseed, etc.  You should remember that no supplement should substitute eating raw foods.

8. You must correct posture in children and youth:

So as to prevent them from hunching over or developing scoliosis.  You need to teach them how to keep themselves upright and to prevent bad posture habits.  If you children or youth slouch at home, you can teach them how to walk with a book on their head at home, so it doesn’t fall off.  Do this until their bodies get used to this position.  This is fun for kids if you make it into a game.

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