The benefits of Oats

Oats has been a staple ingredient in Nordic populations diets’.  It is one of the most complete grains in existence.  It possesses highly energetic and nourishing attributes, but it is most known for its energetic properties.  Its grains are arranged in such a way that exposes them to natural elements, like light, heat from the sun, air, and water.  These elements deeply penetrate the grain, enlivening all its parts.

Bowl of OatsOats are grown on a plant that grows roughly one and a half meters tall.  When growing in the wild, from a distance they look like tiny little drops of fresh milk sprouting from fine heads of wheat.  It has been cultivated in several places around the world.  It comes from Europe, where it is still possible to find it growing wild.  In America, it is a nearly essential part of a lot of our diets.

Regarding nutritive properties of oats, we find it contains large amounts of:

  • Proteins: rich in high biological quality proteins.
  • Carbohydrates: Slow and easy absorption.  These provide energy a long time after being absorbed into the digestive tract, giving us more energy and a feeling of well-being.  Helps prevent feeling fatigued or faint.
  • Vegetable fats: truly beneficial for health, oats contain the largest amount of vegetable fats.
  • Lots of vitamins, like B1, B2, B6, and vitamin E.
  • Contains minerals, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, and trace elements.
  • Amino acids: Oats contain 6 of the 8 amino acids, indispensable for proper protein synthesis.
  • This grain contains a fair amount of fiber, essential for proper intestinal functioning and for loosing weight.
  • Oats contain the highest amount of vegetable fats out of all grains.  100 grams of oats cover one third of our daily essential fatty acid requirements.
  • Like all foods, when oats are well paired with other produce, such as fruits or vegetables, trace minerals, soy milk, etc., it greatly increases the amount of amino acids absorbed by the body, nearing the body’s ideal consumption.

A truly energetic smoothie:

In a blender, place 3 spoonfuls of rolled oats, 2 glasses of soy milk, a piece of papaya or banana, 2 tsp. of bee’s pollen, and a bit of brewer’s yeast.  Blend all ingredients and serve.  This is an excellent breakfast for kids , or before leaving for work.  It’s also useful after studying long hours, or when you’re very fatigued.

Oatmeal and beauty

Oatmeal is frequently used in cosmetics, as it possesses properties beneficial in dermatology.  Oats absorb dirt, help get rid of residual cells all while respecting and caring for our skin structure, thanks to its PH (5.5).

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