Bach Flowers for allergies: Beech

Beech is a flower to be used for intolerance; a person suffering from this imbalance, when in their negative state, manifest excessively critical reactions, and towards the reactions of others.  They are intolerant and incapable of showing understanding and kindness.Allergies

This is frequently a temporary state that is easily fallen into…and they frequently never even realize their arrogance when things don’t go as they had thought, or if things weren’t as they “thought they should have been“.

But of course, in the physical realm, this intolerance manifests in the form of allergies (which are actually nothing more than an intolerance that the body develops towards different things).  This could appear in the form of skin allergies, disorders caused by irritation (like conjunctivitis), digestive intolerance to certain foods, etc.  This could even appear as a transplant rejection, or bodily rejection of a prosthesis or insert, which demonstrate being susceptible to criticism that the individual is immersed in.

In this case, Beech flowers provide understanding, mental openness towards others, and the ability to transform arrogance into love and tolerance.

You could complement this flower with two others, if you also observe:

– If your allergies appear periodically or seasonally, it would be a good idea to add Scleranthus flowers.  This will provide the necessary internal balance to stabilize this irregularity.

– If the allergy appears more accentuated during periods of change: climate, season changes, move from the city to country, or vice versa, etc.  Walnut is very helpful in these situations, which is an excellent flower of change and adaptation, providing us with the ability to take in these changes without traumatically affecting the individual.

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