Starting Over: Reinvent yourself

The other day, while reading the newspaper, an article caught my eye about the latest Tom Hanks movie.  The actor reviewed American’s beliefs and expectations, and spoke about the ability to reinvent oneself.

Starting Over: Reinvent yourselfIn Europe, it is common for people to learn a trade or a profession, and then they dedicate the rest of their lives to working that position.  But, what happens when things don’t go down the path once expected?  Can anyone know what surprises the future may hold?

Some people dedicate themselves to learning a trade, and others continue studying with the objective of being able to work at something they like afterwards.  But, what if it turns out that what once fascinated you, turns out not to be as good as you had thought?  You push yourself to do the best job possible, but the truth is, you never meet your own expectations.

In the worst of cases, luck is not on your side, and you find several obstacles in finding work in the line you chose.  That might be a good time to reconsider a few things, to suggest new objectives and to contemplate new opportunities.  And if you start from zero?  Would it be absolutely hair-brained to give your life a completely new path?

Reinvent yourself

The article said that in the United States, whenever anyone felt like they were at a dead end without an exist, and they saw no clear future, when they have been on strike and it seems like things are not going to improve over the next few months, there is always the possibility of reinventing yourself.  I like this word, because it shines a positive light on the future.  We shouldn’t look at a career change as a failure.  Americans follow a new route when things don’t work out.  They start new studies or try their luck in another professional field, they change for the best.

Starting over means that you are going to explore abilities that you still haven’t thought about.  When someone is stuck, that is the perfect time to suggest a change in direction.  What other abilities do they have?  That is the time to look ahead and take a leap, because if you try something with all of your strength, and you believe you will make it out ahead and will success, then success is already nearby.

Recreate your personal life

It is very important that you know how to value and believe in yourself.  Changing jobs is just an example.  Now could be the time to change the way you understand the world, to make friendships and find a partner.  Why not meet someone on the internet?

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