Exercise, psyche and the brain

Everyone knows that doing some sort of sport is essential for leading a healthy life, however, not everyone knows why physical exercise is beneficial for the brain, the mind, and emotional stability; and also for the body.

running womanThat’s why we would like to reveal why an exercise routine will improve several aspects in your being that are not seen on the surface of things.

Direct effects:

Recent studies from the University of Sau Paulo show that blood flow to the brain noticeably increases during physical activity.  Vascularization in certain brain regions facilitates the creation of high quality neuron webs, and therefore cognitive functions (like perception, expression, and information processing) are improved.

On the other hand, neurotransmitter secretions can increase up to 30% during any type of aerobic training.  These include endorphins, a natural analgesic that makes us feel satisfied and calm; serotonin and noradrenaline not only make us happier, but according to the Neurology Institute at Berlin, the noticeably improve storage mechanisms in memory.

Indirect effects:

It today’s world we are immersed in stress from the city; being in a rush, work, personal relations…and a lot of times we push sports to the side, making a huge mistake.  Statistics taken from testimonies of different groups of students at the University of Amsterdam concluded that athletic habits are related to reduced levels of anxiety and sadness as well as a greater presence of personality factors like assertiveness, confidence, emotional stability, and academic and work performance.

Physical activity doesn’t necessarily have to be a sport, nor does it have to consist of extreme physical efforts; all you need to do is practice some sort of routine like dance, yoga, skating, or even simple gymnastics in your apartment.  In this way you will feel better about yourself and will confront challenges and adversities in life with more strength.

Don’t forget to consult your doctor before starting any physical activity, depending on your state of health and age, so they can give you a personal assessment.

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