Take care of your intestines with grapes

Grapes are more than just one of the most popular fruits around, for both their flavor and use in foods and drinks.  They also have a long list of qualities and virtues that make them outstanding, and one of the most powerfully healing foods.  Grapes have a powerful ability to detoxify the body and to help release harmful substances and waste that becomes toxic in the body.  These toxins create a long list of diseases.
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Healthy Intestines

Toxins generally get stuck primarily in the intestines.  If they don’t function properly, the amount of toxins circulating through the body will increase, as they won’t be continuously and effectively removed from the body.  These toxins include waste elements, harmful fats and even waste fecal material, which become stuck to the intestinal lining. The blood then reabsorbs these toxins, circulating them throughout the body, causing tissues, systems and organs in the body to become intoxicated.  This creates what is known as toxemia, and is at the base of a long list of conditions and serious health problems, including sickly skin, all sorts of infections, a weak immune system, hair loss, bad breath or bad body odor, arthritis, cancer or tumors, conjunctivitis, colitis, constipation, kidney problems, diverticulitis, a weak liver, etc.

Also, if your intestines don’t function properly, they also won’t be able to effectively absorb nutrients, which is another one of their tasks.  This will lead to malnourishment in the body, creating illness caused by a lack of nutrients, even if you eat well.

Healing with Grapes

You should follow this diet at least once a month as a preventative measure for cleansing the intestines.  Anyone can follow this diet, especially individuals that tend to get sick often, or if you smoke, eat lots of fats or sugars, etc.

What you need to heal the intestines with grapes…

You will need fresh grapes, with their seeds.  It is very important that they have the seed, unless you have diverticulitis, in which case you should use seedless grapes.  Grape seeds contain important regenerative and antioxidant qualities, which will help provide a complete cure.  In addition to your grapes, you should drink boldo tea and take extra-virgin olive oil.

How to heal

This healing consists of eating only grapes for two consecutive days.  Start your mornings with two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil, followed by a cup of warm boldo tea with fresh lemon juice.  It is very important that you don’t sweeten it with anything extra.  Drink your tea, and then wait 20 minutes before eating anything else.  Then eat just the grapes, making sure they are well washed and previously disinfected.

Follow this diet for two days.  If you get hungry, eat more grapes.  If you get very hungry, eat a lot of grapes.  The point is you want to try to follow this diet for two whole days.

How to make the boldo tea

Heat one and a half cups of water, and once boiling, add one tablespoon of boldo tea, or a small bag of tea.  Boil for 2 minutes.  Remove from heat and allow to cool.  Strain, and drink, adding the lemon juice just before drinking it.  Remember that you need to take the extra-virgin olive oil before drinking your tea.  The oil is part of the healing process, as it prepares the stomach and intestines for effective movements.

Start the third day just as the previous two, with the oil and tea.  Then eat grapes until 10 in the morning.  Then you may start eating something light, like steamed vegetables, whole grain rice, fresh cheese, and avoid flour (bread, crackers, refined pastas) and white flour.  Don’t eat any meat for a while, so that anything that the grapes removed will have time to evacuate the body.  Also avoid cow’s milk.  Almond milk is your best option, which is rich in calcium, and also doesn’t stick to the intestines, like cow’s milk.

It is important that you eat bland foods after following your diet.  This will prevent new toxins from accumulating.

It’s normal to get a stomachache or diarrhea during the diet.  This is a sign that toxins are moving from your body.  If you feel the pain gets quite accentuated, drink some vegetable broth with rice at the middle of the day.

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