Take note: 4 Myths and Legends about your Period

I’m sure you’ve heard a long list of things you can and can’t do when you have your period, I mean when you’re menstruating.  You remember bits of advice that your grandmother left you, even your friend from school, the university or work.

Take note: 4 Myths and Legends about your PeriodThe truth is, there are a lot of myths about your period, but you should keep in mind that these beliefs were born when there wasn’t that much information about the subject, when talking about your period, sex or sexual organs was something taboo.

Today, women know more about their bodies compared to what grandma used to know.

We can also add the large amount of information found on the internet, with specialized pages, medical and scientific guides.

Today, we are going to uncover these myths together, so take note and pay attention.

4 Myths about the Period

Myth No. 1: Can I take a bath during those days?

It’s not bad if you take a bath during those days, especially during summer.  Quite the opposite, it is much more hygienic if you do bathe.  Remember, you’re not sick, this is a completely normal and natural cycle.

Myth No. 2: Can I eat citrus fruit or chocolate?

Citrus fruit, like oranges and lemons, do not cut your period short, nor do they extend it.  And the belief that you can’t eat chocolate during those days is also false.  Quite the contrary, cocoa provides energy, good moods, and will help fight off depression.

Myth No. 3: Can I exercise?

Of course, we recommend exercising.  Any sport, before and during menstruation is recommendable, because doing so will promote the production of endorphins, hormones that promote well-being and reduce the pains associated with premenstrual syndrome, like breast sensitivity, cramps, nausea, irritability, among other thing.  Be that what it may, do not go overboard.  Exercise in moderation during those days, which is perfect.

Myth No. 4: Is sex better during those days?

No, we recommend not having sex during those days, for hygienic reasons and because illnesses can be more easily spread.  Normally it is advised to stop sexual activities during this time.

Keep an eye on hygiene

Women should pay a lot of attention to intimate hygiene during this time.  They can be more prone to acquiring diseases.  Visit a gynecologist that can prescribe you a pH appropriate for your body.  Also, change your pad every three hours.  If you want to go to the pool or the beach at that time, you could use tampons and then continue using pads.

Natural remedies for menstrual cramps

A lot of women suffer from menstrual cramps, as well as headaches, abdominal swelling, back pain, nausea, chills, etc.  But thanks to nature, there are several herbs that can reduce pain, like those named below:


Miracle cure.  Prepare it at home and prove it with your own results.  All you need to grab is one handful of dry oregano and toss it in water.  Allow it to boil and then drink it with however much sugar you want.

Hot compresses or hot bags are also very effective, all you need to do is apply the compresses to your abdomen every once in a while, until you feel relief.  Experts also recommend applying heat to the abdominal area to block the sensation of pain to your brain, showing it that you want to be done with the discomfort and relax.

Dong Quai

This plant has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine for alleviating and fighting gynecological disorders, like premenstrual syndrome, because it contains natural  phytoestrogens that act as feminine hormone regulators.


Boil three cups of water with 25 grams of raspberry leaves.  Once boiling, remove from heat and let set for 15 minutes.  Then strain and drink twice a day as soon as the first premenstrual symptoms begin.

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