Prevent Premenstrual Syndrome Discomforts

Prevent premenstrual syndrome discomforts usually means Swelling, bad moods, cramps, headaches, etc.  If you’re tired of the discomforts of your menstrual cycle, fortunately there are natural remedies that can help you fight these unpleasant symptoms.Prevent Premenstrual Syndrome Discomforts

To relax and prevent the irritability that accompanies premenstrual syndrome you could include 1/2 cup of red wine in the days prior, as it has been show to be a good body relaxant.

Prevent inflammation

It is normal for your body to retain fluids and for you to feel swollen two days before, and during your menstrual period.  To eliminate this discomfort, you can drink an infusion prepared with one glass of boiling water, and one tablespoon of oregano and chamomile.  Drink it before breakfast and you will feel relief.

Alleviate menstrual pain

If you feel uncomfortable pain during your period, don’t even think about taking an aspirin, and much less if you’re bleeding a lot.  The only thing this medicine does is increase blood flow.  It’s better to use paracetamol, or other natural methods, like those mentioned below.

Stop suffering during your periods.  You can do this with a simple preparation.

Place 5 slices of cinnamon in a container with half a liter of liquor, cover and let steep for 15 days in a dark place.  Pour a little of the liquid in a container using a dropper, and drink 30 drops previously diluted in a little bit of water, before breakfast, lunch and dinner while you are bleeding.  Do this for three periods and by the fourth you will notice that your cramps disappear.

You could also take advantage of cinnamon’s benefits.  Like an infusion, all you need to do is boil one cup of water and add two cinnamon sticks.  Let set for 5 minutes after having removed it from heat, and drink while still warm.

During those days, we also advise avoiding red meat, salty foods and coffee.

Another piece of advice would be to apply heat.  A lot of times this brings the desired relief.  You could us a plastic bag with hot water over your abdomen.

Other discomforts.

Some women experience breast pain before or during their period.  To prevent this, try to consume foods rich in vitamin B6 during that time.

Vitamin B6 is found in egg yolks, meat, liver, fish, dairy, whole grains, soy, yeast, bananas and dried fruit.

Dietary advice

Hydration is very important during your period.  Drink a lot of fresh water so your body can eliminate liquids and prevent retention.

Don’t forget to include fruit and vegetables because they contain fiber, which helps digestion and reduces inflammation.  This prevents fluid retention.

Eat fish or include olive oil in your diet, as they contain omega-3 essential fatty acids for the body.  They are also potent natural anti-inflammatories.

Include dried fruit in your diet.  These foods help produce serotonin so as to improve moods.  They are also rich in magnesium, foods which help relaxation.

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