Ovary pain…causes and how to reduce it

If you suffer from ovarian pain, don’t worry.  This discomfort is just a symptoms that could have several different causes, but all of which have a remedy, and can be cured with natural medicine.  The truth is, ovarian pain doesn’t really exist, what really happens when is seems like the ovaries hurt is that there are imbalances related to the female reproductive organs that cause annoying symptoms in different areas of the abdomen or lower belly, like the following:fitness time

  • Pain in varying intensities in the area under the belly button.
  • Pain, like a pinching, in both areas of the abdomen, at the height of the ovaries.
  • Cramps or abdominal discomfort accompanied by long menstruation periods.

Some of the most common ovarian problems are:

  • Menstrual periods are one of the most common causes of abdominal pain.  Menstrual pain is caused by prostaglandin action, which is a substance that causes muscular contractions in the uterus.
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Painful ovulation
  • Ruptured or twisted cyst
  • Endometriosis: every month, endometrial cells grow and swell as a preparation for possible egg impregnation.  If these cells grow outside the uterus (like the bladder, the intestine, or the ovaries), this is considered to be endomitriosis.
  • Annexitis
  • Ectopic pregnancy

How to reduce and cure pain in the female reproductive system:

Pharmaceutical pills or remedies are generally fleeting.  They only make you dependent on taking medication.  They momentarily sedate you and don’t solve much more that disguising the true root of the problem.  If you truly want to cure the pain, you need to consider the following:

  • If your abdomen hurts during menstruation, the first thing you need to consider is that your uterus is making an effort and the worst thing for it at that moment is for you to lay down.  We all know that this might be what you most want; rest.  But you should make an effort to get out and walk, which is what is most recommended in these cases.  Walking will activate your circulation and will help your body relax and soften, making less efforts.  Before going out to walk, drink cinnamon tea and try to walk under the sun.  Apply a hot water bag over you abdomen, which will also help reduce pain.  If your menstruation is heavy, you need to drink enough water; two liters a day even if you aren’t menstruating, and drink juices made from beets, aloe and tomato every day in order to recover and to keep your womb healthy.  Avoid consuming pastries and refined or white sugar; these products do not nourish, they only deteriorate and damage tissues and symptoms.
  • If your abdomen hurts for any other reason other than those mentioned, you should, as a general measure, consider adopting a lifestyle with healthy habits like exercise and eating a healthy diet, keeping in mind the dietary recommendations and supplements mentioned below.
  • Natural supplements and herbs for curing and alleviating pains or imbalances in the female reproductive system: we recommend taking primrose oil and eating a diet rich in fresh vegetables, low in harmful fats, and drinking enough fresh water a day.  If you have acute pain, drink passionflower tea and  take a few bites off a piece of ginger root, which will undoubtedly help reduce inflammation and prevent pain.  You could prepare a tea as well, by grating a bit of ginger root into one cup of boiling water.  Add honey and drink.  Anise and passionflower tea are also good for alleviating pain.
  • If you have cysts, you should be careful with your diet: eliminate harmful fats and avoid consuming any kind of meats, as well as animal dairy.  Your diet should be based on raw vegetables, seeds, and plenty of water, as well as products from vegetable milks and cold pressed oils.  Some types of massage could help you, as well as acupuncture and reiki.  Care for yourself emotionally as well.
  • In any case, if your abdominal pain is acute or persistent, you should also work with your emotional world, because excessive tension and feelings of guilt or feeling “lesser”, predispose one to ovarian pains.  You should work on self-acceptance and avoid judging yourself so much.
  • Acupuncture and reflexology could help regulate and harmonize your flow of energy and stimulate your organs and systems, like the reproductive system, which is not balanced.

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