Bach’s 9 remaining Floral Remedies

After the 7 helpers, Bach continued his work until finding the last 19 floral remedies. He wrote: “These new remedies act on a different plane than the older ones.  They are more spiritual and they help to develop the great I inside all beings to overcome all fears, all difficulties, all worries, all illness”.

Bach's remaining 19 Floral Remedies

Bach floral remedies

1. Cherry Plum

The mind in these individuals has been subjected to an excessive amount of tension, in which anguish, mental or physical torture, and desperation have been constant.  They are aware that they won’t be able to tolerate the situation much longer, and they are afraid of losing control at any moment.  They attack themselves or even contemplate suicide.

2. Elm

For individuals generally gifted with superior abilities or wisdom than the majority.  But it is precisely this excess responsibility that they have, or that they undertake, which causes them to sometimes feel weighed down by their obligations.  They are attacked by doubt and depression, or exhaustion.  They slowly begin to feel worn out and incapable.

3. Pine

The most notorious for individuals that need this remedy, is the feeling of guilt.  This guilt could come from a recent situation, or one from the past.  It could even be unconscious.  For the slightest of differences, they reprimand whoever should have done better.  This individual experiences constant self-reprimand.

4. Larch

For people that lack self-confidence.  They experience true feelings of inferiority that causes them to anticipate failure.  It’s not that they actually fail, but they simply don’t try.  This individual does not develop, they become impoverished and overtaken by discouragement and melancholy.  They are not include to externalize their inferiority complex.

5. Willow

In a negative state, this individual projects their disappointments outward, along with their anger and resentment.  They are not satisfied with their life’s balance, and they blame their misfortune on others, on a certain individual, destiny, God, or in some cases, on some supernatural force that affects them, condemning them to an unhappy existence.  They consider themselves the victims of “perverse destiny”.

6. Aspen

For individuals that live with anguish and fear, and especially, the feeling that something terrible that they can’t define is going to happen to them (they experience “bad feelings”).  This situation could manifest in sleep in the form of nightmares, loud conversations…these individuals frequently experience fear and panic in dark places, which they cannot explain.

7. Hornbeam

Individuals under this negative pattern is tormented by feelings of doubt and uncertainty regarding their ability to get their work done.  This is characterized by tiredness, although this is more mental fatigue, rather than physical.  However, whenever they face their obligations, they do more than enough to meet them.  This tiredness stops immediately when they take interest in their activities, which reaffirms the important role that boredom and routine play.

8. Beech

This emotional state is related to the ability to accept the imperfect.  The individual in this negative state has a clear tendency to highlight mistakes or defects in others, overlooking their virtues.  This translates into a critical and intolerant attitude.

9. Crab apple

For individuals that think their surroundings and interior need to be immaculate.  They often exhibit exaggerated hygiene practices.  The dislike anything that makes them remember any inherent impurities in man and their general environment.  This is frequently embodied in feelings of being ashamed, low self-esteem, which also leads to insecurity.

We will continue with the last 9 in the following article.

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