Soften your Emotions, soften your Skin

Dry skin is a common condition that a lot of people suffer from, and which can appear in various ways, such as scales, redness, wrinkles, irritation, dermatitis, hives, etc.  Dry areas can present several symptoms, like rashes, redness, and burning.

Emotions and Skin: beautifull woman hand. fingernail.Previously, we’ve given advice about how to relieve skin conditions with natural remedies.  We’ve talked about the importance of certain habits, like eating a fresh and diverse diet, using natural face masks, exfoliating the skin to promote cellular regeneration, and maintaining personal hygiene habits as well as getting good rest. This latter is of utmost importance to help the skin restore and regenerate itself.

Frequently, a good diet (avoiding cow’s milk and refined sugar are some of the most importance tips for curing skin), along with the healthy, intelligent habit of patience, are enough to greatly restore skin health.  However, if we were to combine all of these efforts with the act of looking deeply into ourselves, to remove whatever it is that is causing the primary discomforts by the root, we would truly achieve a permanent and successful healing.

Emotional energy

Emotional energy is what feeds our entire body; it’s what allows the flowers or the trees to “grow” inside us.  Or, in the event of a deficiency, dry grass.  Emotional energy is what allows beautiful colors and treasures to thrive.  Those that don’t find nourishment in life and energy, create, in a sense, a dry and dead body, which represents land inspired by that particular emotional energy.

Emotions and the body

We can feel several emotions, and perhaps it’s difficult for us to find the relation these may have with what our bodies say.  However, we can simplify this process into something very simple: if our emotions are based in love, our body will show this through all the beauty, health, strength, harmony, tenderness, and “smoothness” that that particular emotion possesses.  If our emotions are not loving, the body will express that with irritation, resistance, tension, redness, pain, discomfort, and dryness.  Let’s just say that love is nutritive water and “unloving” is the water that lacks nutrients, according to how far gone the love is from us.

The truth it, nothing that we feel or experience in our lives is good or bad: the actual problem is the attitude we have towards it.

Everyone has challenges, problems, and conflict situations.  Everyone suffers from certain conditions that seem unfavorable.  But it’s our attitude that we invest into our experiences which “nourishes” or “under-nourishes” our experience.  If our attitude is always refreshed, and searches out change and positive transformation, this will nourish any experience, whatever it might be., and this intensity will be reflected throughout our entire body.

When our reaction to something is that of resistance or avoidance, however, or a lack of confidence, fear, criticism or guilt, then the energy transmitted to the body is unloving, with no confidence.  This creates tension, irritation, irritability and pain (guilt is transformed into pain in the body).  For the skin, the lack of love or understanding is transformed into “dryness“.  Love no longer flows to the surface of our skin, there is no nourishing attitude towards life, there is not smoothness in life because there is no understanding.

How to inject ourselves with love

Every situation in life provides us with a challenge to grow.  It’s when we don’t grow that we begin to die.  The skin is a very sensitive aspect of what we feel, because it is our wrapping that connects us to the world.  When we carry past anger, when we feel threatened by not being able to grow into our deepest joy and freedom, we begin to store “dirt”, which is to say, emotions such as rage, guilt, and fear.  This can either be towards ourselves, or towards someone else that we blame for our situation.

This may seem extremely complex to solve, but it isn’t  The most important thing is the dare to live what we truly want to live.  But how to do that?  There are several ways to help us develop confidence in ourselves to dare to fulfill what we really want; reading, getting the right help, and above all, a strong intention to grow and mature.  I think one of the deepest problems that cause skin conditions is our fear to confront life in our own way, which means that we either don’t want to grow, or we can’t.  We want or need to continue depending on something or someone that bothers us or no longer satisfies us.

A lack of joy and pleasure equals a lack of love.  Searching for what we love and brings us joy is a decision that means we want to grow; it means giving ourselves love.  This is a small space in which to begin this extensive and fascinating topic, but always remember, while we try and take risks to find and achieve the reality that we truly want, none of the inconveniences or problems even matter.  Any problem can smooth itself out and become beautiful with the intensity of our fulfillment.  The skin if proof that love is happening. 

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