Mango: The sweetest thing for Health and Beauty during Hot Weather

Mango is sweet, juicy and fresh.  This fruit comes from Indian, where it is known as the king of fruits, not only because of its long list of properties for health and beauty, but also because it is such a versatile fruit.  It can be eaten by itself (which is delicious), or combined with countless dishes and sauces all around the world.  You can also eat mangoes in salads, juices, smoothies, with meat, soups, etc.

Mango: The sweetest thing for Health and Beauty during Hot WeatherMango can be found in the majority of tropical areas around the world, like Mexico, Thailand, China, Australia, Brasil, Israel, etc.  There are a lot of mango varieties, but they all have the same uses and properties.

Here are a few mango properties:

  • They are an excellent source of betacarotene, which is indispensable for health and beauty in eyes, skin, etc.
  • Rich in vitamin C, which helps prevent a long list of infectious diseases.  It helps increase defenses in teh summer.
  • This is a very fresh fruit, it revitalizes the body with its natural sugars.  When combined with other fruit, like lemons, it is perfect for making drinks and nourishing hair and skin.
  • It has a high fiber content, and is perfect for diets that try to cure the intestines, for weight loss, controlling cholesterol, burning fat in the waist and belly, etc.  It cures constipation and prevents and heals hemorrhoids.  It can also be used to cure diverticulitis and other intestinal conditions.
  • Because it is low in calories, it helps with weight loss diets.  We recommend, if this is your case, that you follw a mango diet, eating solely mangoes for an entire day.  Drink two liters of water, and start the day by taking two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil.  Do the same thing the following day, but start by introducing steamed and raw vegetables to your diet.  You will lose weight and lower harmful cholesterol, and it will also give you beautiful skin.
  • These carbohydrates are perfect for athletes.  Mango smoothies with almond milk and oatmeal is a super nourishing food to give the body strength and vigor, as well as keeping it well nourished.

Other interesting medicinal properties of mangoes:

  • Health experts assure that practically all parts of the mango are usable.  The meat helps fight intestinal worms, lowers fevers, fights diarrhea and is astringent, anti-ascorbic acid, stimulating and a tonic.
  • Fights molar pains, sensitive stomachs, cramps, redness of the eyes, acne and pimples, rashes, etc.
  • Helps treat arthritis and other joint conditions.

Natural treatments with mango

Mango recipe for weight loss, lowering cholesterol and accumulated fat:

Get three medium mangoes, not quite ripe yet.

Start the morning by taking 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil and one glass of warm water.  Wait for 20 minutes, then eat one mango, without adding anything to it.  Throughout the day, avoid cow’s milk, red meat and refined sugar and flour.  Make a mango drink (no sugar) with one mango, and drink a half an hour before eating lunch, and another half an hour before dinner.

Mango recipes for curing arthritis

Get 1 mango, not quite ripe, and blend with a piece of ginger about the size of your thumb, and the juice from one lemon.  Drink throughout the day and avoid red meats.

Mango recipes for curing intestines, constipation, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, etc.

Mango recipe for curing skin

Use a ripe mango and one piece of aloe (or one tablespoon of aloe gel) to make a drink with a glass of water.  Blend these three things together very well and add a sprig of parsley.  Drink without sweetening throughout the day, and your skin will be cured.  It will look beautiful quite quickly.

Whenever you eat a mango, try to make sure it’s organic, weighty, smells good, and make sure the skin of smooth and firm.

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