Smoking: Adicction and emotional Pain

Emotional pain = addiction

We all know how hard it is to drop an addiction, and feeling bad or guilty is one of the biggest obstacles for doing so.  One of the most common emotional causes of addiction is a lack of personal satisfaction and emotional education.  This makes us susceptible to uncontrollable periods of anxiety, nervousness, and stress.  We then run to something to distract us, or to entertain our depressive energy (pain, fear, anger, etc) with something that provides us temporary pleasure, like cigarettes, alcohol, excess food, and all those other dependencies out there.

cigaretteIf you try to stop smoking without first taking a look at your emotional state of being, your body will only drive you towards other addictions, or quite simply, quitting will just be too hard.  You’ll resist quitting or you just won’t want to do it, because this hides a deep emotional pain.

Smoking reduces serotonin production in the brain (the pleasure and emotional regulating hormone).  So if you smoked to hide your pain with a short-lived pleasure, you’ll understand that what cigarettes really do is reduce true joy and satisfaction in your life.  When you smoke, you increase your chances of feeling depressed, alone, confused, nervous, anxious, etc.

Nicotine and emotions

Cigarettes carry consequences that affect health, not only physical, but mental as well.  It seems like cigarettes don’t do anything, puffing a bit of smoke seems harmless, but what you really need to consider is that depression will drive you to consume antidepressants and medicines to fight all the diseases caused by a weak immune system.  You will be blocking the flow of creativity and spontaneity in your life; you’ll be under a thick layer of smoke.

Smoking is not enjoyment

For all these reasons, smoking has become one of the most prohibited bad habits, looked down upon by society.  In some areas, smoking is already banned, and non-smoking areas have grown and taken over former smoking sections.  The body and mouth odor produced is disgusting and non-smokers are increasingly becoming avoidant of smokers.

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