The wonders of carrots

This vegetable is known for its benefits to overall health and beauty.  If drank daily, a glass of carrot juice by itself or mixed with other vegetables will keep the doctor away.  This juice nourishes, purifies, and cures, along with clearing the skin, the eyes, and nourishing and providing minerals for the entire body.
Fresh carrots

Healing properties and advantages of the carrot

  • Cleans the blood and the digestive tract, helping to prevent all kinds of allergies
  • Helps in eliminating all kinds of toxins and waste in the intestines
  • Helps fight skin and eye problems by cleansing and strengthening, bettering eye sight in the dark
  • Balances the body’s metabolism
  • Carrot juice helps fight indigestion, constipation, and gas
  • Carrot’s high percentage of Beta carotene which turns into Vitamin A if the body is low on it, then helps in iron absorption
  • An important source of potassium which stimulates renal activity in toxin elimination.  Supports the liver in removing harmful bile.
  • Rich in Vitamin C.  Carrot stems can be used to prepare different meals, such as salads, soups, etc.
  • Contains iron, making it an ideal food to combat anemia, weakness, anorexia, and emotional exhaustion

It’s important to remember that vegetables loose vitality through cooking, boiling, frying, or preserving.  A raw carrot  juice tonic, mixed with different fresh vegetables such as celery, spinach, alfalfa, and any other grain is loaded with daily minerals.  Remember that allergies only develop in toxic and poorly nourished bodies, but by including these juices in your diet you’ll notice how they strengthen and revitalize you.  Keep in mind that by consuming carrots in excess creates a yellowing of the skin, which some people use for tanning when they go to the beach.

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