Natural remedies to Stop Drinking

Alcoholism is no easy thing.  It’s a disease that, before anything else, requires acceptance by whoever suffers from it and the firm intent to do something to change and modify this negative behavior.Natural remedies to stop drinking

When someone decides to drop this bad habit and overcome this disease, they must pass through the extremely difficult stages of detoxification.  The following remedies can help to make the process much easier and can prevent relapses.  None of these remedies will work if you haven’t convinced yourself that drinking is bad for you, and that you truly want to correct it.

There are an endless list of helpful therapies for treatment of alcoholism, and the preferred method chosen depends on each individual.  Preferably, this should always be supervised by a doctor so as to avoid any sort of health problem.  The most common therapies are:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Phytotherapy
  • Nutrition
  • Supplements

Each one of these therapies has special methods to support those that need it and to make this big step that they are taking easier.  Unfortunately, a lot of times people don’t have access to some of these methods, making it more difficult to achieve the objective.  That’s why I am giving you a few natural remedies that can be helpful, even if you are taking any of the aforementioned therapies.  These are home remedies that you can prepare and consume daily, until you eliminate any trace of alcohol from your body.

Natural remedies to stop drinking


People say that lemon cures everything.  Squeeze 4 lemons into one glass and then add one teaspoon of honey, and water.  This is a quick and easy preparation that you should drink before breakfast and between meals, until making it a habit.  Drink it until you drop your addiction.


The minerals and nutrients that help strengthen the body are fundamental in any sort of treatment against addiction.  Consume 2 to 3 apples a day because they will help detoxify your body and reduce your desire to consume alcohol.


Drink one glass of carrot juice when you feel the craving to consume alcohol.


Blend two celery stalks in half a glass of water.  Drink this concoction twice a day.


Extract the juice from half a pumpkin and then add one glass of warm milk for each two to three tablespoons of this juice.  Drink this concoction daily for at least one month.


Ingest 6 tablespoons of honey in the morning, at mid-day, and in the evening.  This remedy works a lot better if you accompany it in the morning with tomato juice.


Make an angelica infusion sweetened with honey.  Both the root as well as angelica leaves possess an amino acid that prevents the need to drink alcohol.  Drink 3 cups of this infusion a day.


This juice is highly beneficial for health.  You can make it with one mango, a few spinach leaves, and two oranges.  Extract the juice from the spinach and orange separately and blend it with the mango pulp.  To improve health conditions and to help body detoxification, ingest this juice before breakfast.


Some infusions can be very good for preventing the need for alcohol.  Try one tablespoon of basil, one tablespoon of lime blossom, on tablespoon of boldo and one tablespoon of sage.  Boil, let set for 5 minutes and drink three times a day.

Avocado seed:

This is used in extreme cases; you need to let the avocado seed dry under the sun and then crush it into a soft flour.  Store in an air tight container and mix one teaspoon with each cup of alcohol that you consume.  This will create a repulsive effect in the beverage.


To control anxiety in just one gulp, suck on two cloves for a few minutes.  The taste is so strong that you won’t want to drink anything else.

Other recommendations for controlling alcoholism

  • Adopt a dietary regimen abundant with fruits, whole grains and vegetables.
  • Avoid oily or fatty foods.
  • Avoid get-togethers or parties where there are a lot of alcoholic drinks.
  • Keep yourself stress-free and try to be occupied in constructive work.
  • Receive support and understanding from family members and friends.

We all know that what you have set out to do is nothing easy, but in just a few months you will look back and you will know that you have come a long way!  I hope this advice is helpful and best of luck in your fight against alcoholism!



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