Heal your blood and you’ll have health and beauty

The youth and beauty that we all desire starts with good quality blood.  If you have low quality blood your health, and therefore your beauty, will be affected.  Blood is the primary transporter of nutrients, oxygen, and necessary elements to cells.  If you don’t have quality blood, it doesn’t matter how many pills you take or how many creams you use.  When your blood is not in ideal conditions, it will be difficult to obtain good health and beauty.

Blood cells in arteryYou need to focus basically on a cleansing diet, that nourishes and raises building elements in the blood.  You will then notice how through the art of magic, your body begins to heal and your hair, nails, skin, and the shine in your eyes, etc., will be noticeably improved.

Food to nourish and maintain blood in excellent conditions


They contain high levels of magnesium, which is indispensable for cleansing the blood stream.  They also contain iron, potassium, and sodium that nourish cells and tissues.  This helps good calcium absorption because it helps prevent unnecessary accumulation of this mineral in the body.  This could cause varicose veins, hardening of the arteries or high blood pressure.  If you combine in with carrot juice, you will have the perfect juice for generally cleansing the body, cleaning the bladder and kidneys.  This combination provides phosphorus, sulfur, and alkaline elements, as well as elevated vitamin A levels.  NOTE: don’t drink beet juice by itself because it is a strong cleanser and could cause nausea.


Excellent blood purifiers that help eliminate accumulated residue in the blood, and also help alkalize it.  This means that it reduces harmful acid levels in the blood, which causes several illnesses.  Citrus fruit should be eating preferably before breakfast and on an empty stomach.  Don’t eat until 20 minutes after eating the fruit.  Oranges, lemons, mandarin and pomelo are perfect fruits for this.You can drink them in juices or you could eat them whole with the pulp (meat and each whole section).


The powerful components on garlic and onion help dissolve accumulations of toxic substances, mucus, and harmful fats.  They help fight the large majority of illnesses and skin problems.  Both foods have a long list of uses both in beauty and in health, but you must eat them raw and avoid eating too much of them, because this could irritate the kidneys.  It’s recommended to process one clove of garlic and a small piece of onion in a blender, and mix with one glass of recently pressed carrot juice.


Watercress contains a large amount of minerals that help the blood have better nutritive content.  It is also a strong cleanser.  It makes a perfect blood regenerator when mixed with carrots and spinach, and helps transmit oxygen and dissolve blood clots.  It is perfect for dissolving blood clots and helping in cases of tumors.


Iron is the mineral for good health and beauty.  It is indispensable for creating red blood cells and regenerating hemoglobin.  You also need to have a good amount of copper in your diet, because this mineral is basic in iron absorption and converting it into red blood cells.  It’s best to include iron from natural, organic sources, because chemical iron could irritate the stomach.  Natural sources of iron are: beans, lentils, dates, raw parsley, molasses, radishes, soy beans, prune juice, red tomato, brewer’s yeast.

Other tips:

In addition to everything previously mentioned, you must:

  • Drink two liters of fresh water a day (soft drinks don’t count, nor do bottled juices or drinks, or processed beverages), to keep the blood fluid and clean.
  • Exercise: helps circulation and good oxygenation and nutrient distribution.
  • Avoid stress: stress does not allow blood to flow correctly.  Excessive stress causes veins and arteries to tense up, and makes it harder for blood to return to the upper part of the body.
  • Drink herbal teas: burdock, hyssop, nettle, sarsaparilla, lemon, elder, dandelion, and ginger are excellent herbal teas for helping keep blood in excellent conditions.  You must always remember not to drink herbal teas during meals because they prevent proper iron absorption.  It’s best to drink them one hour after having eaten, and on an empty stomach.

Along with this, keep an enthusiastic, happy, and peaceful emotional state.  Try to read things that help you understand anger and sadness so that you can choose an enjoyable life in which you fulfill what you love.  You emotional state is one of the key ingredients in good blood health.

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