Homosexuality, Bisexuality, and Adolescent’s Sexual Preferences

Are you confused about your sexual identity?  Don’t worry any more.  Sexual preferences are just as natural as any other preference.  Homosexuality is the term that is used to describe individuals that feel attracted to the same sex, while bisexuality is a way of defining individuals that feel attracted to both the same and the opposite sex.

Homosexuality, Bisexuality, and Adolescent's Sexual PreferencesThere are a lot of ideas regarding homosexuality.  But we need to clarify from the beginning that this is not a disease, nor is it a psychological problem.  An individual’s sexual preference is something natural.  Homosexuals and bisexuals can be just as happy and successful as heterosexuals, and they can even enjoy a family life and have kids in some countries.

Is it natural to be homosexual or bisexual?

Of course it is!  This is just as natural as being heterosexual.  In spite of the different ideologies regarding homosexuality, just like those surrounding infidelity, for example, or marriage and religion, there are also ideologies regarding sexual preferences.  And yet, sexual preferences are just as natural as choosing whether to marry or not, whether to be Buddhist rather than Christian.  The only difference is that some decisions are more “biological” while others are more “ideological”.

Being homosexual or bisexual is a preference, and it has nothing to do with, nor should it even influence, the individual’s life or childhood.  Sometimes parents think that just because they didn’t do this or that, their children became confused about their sexual identity.  It’s not uncommon to see “manly” dads with gay children, or light, sensitive and loving parents with heterosexual parents.  The environment does not affect this preference, but it may influence whether the child can accept their sexual identity or not.

Is sexual preference chosen?

No, sexual preference is not a disorder, nor a disease, nor is it related to ideologies.  There is no treatment nor medication nor way of thinking that can change it.  This is a biological choice.

A lot of homosexual or bisexual individuals seek treatment, however, or psychological help not to change their preferences, but rather to be able to confront the restrictions, and often times ignorant ways of thinking and seeing things regarding themselves.  These restrictions could come from family and society, which often times judges and discriminates against this behavior.

Here’s a letter that Freud wrote to a mother:

“I deduce, from your letter, that your son is homosexual.  What most impresses me is the fact that you have omitted this term when you talk to me about him.  Can I ask you why you avoid it?  Homosexuality is not necessarily an advantage, nor is it something that you should be ashamed of.  It is not a vice, nor a sign of degeneration, and it cannot be classified as a disease (…)  When you ask me if I can help you, I suppose that you want me to end his homosexuality, and replace it with heterosexuality.  The answer is, in general terms, that we cannot assure any result (…)  The truth is, psychoanalysis can do something very different than that for your son.  If he feels unhappy, neurotic, torn by conflicts, inhibited in his social life…this analysis can bring him harmony, mental peace, and full efficiency.  Independent of whether he changes or not…”

Sexual Orientation or psychology in adolescents

Adolescents that feel conflicted about their sexual orientation could look for professional help, but not to change something, but rather with the intention of revealing their true sexual identity without judgement, limitations, and to learn to accept themselves and have a fluid, happy life, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Ideologies and sexuality

There are a lot of discriminating and repressive ideologies regarding sexual preferences, generally in religions.  These ideas lack real information, however, and are based only on ideas.  As earlier stated, sexuality is not related to ideas, but rather a biological preference.

Homosexuality and history

Homosexuality and bisexuality has been around since before history.  Sex was considered to be something natural, and there wasn’t discrimination regarding it, and an individual could practice according to their own preferences, without any ideological contamination.

In Ancient Greece, for example, sexual orientation was not considered to be a “social identifier”, as it has been made in Western societies in the last century.  The Greeks didn’t distinguish sexual behavior by biological sex, but rather how one adapted these desires to societies norms according to age and social status.

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