7 Make-up Tricks for the Holidays

Today we present you 7 wonderful make-up tricks. The purpose of make-up is to accentuate the amazing features of your face.  Using too much make-up, however, or applying it sloppily can produce just the opposite effect.  I think make-up should be done as naturally as possible, and should consider different factors for each face, to make it shine splendidly.  Here we have some make-up tricks, seven super easy tips that don’t require tons of practice, that will make you shine with beauty.

Make-up Tricks

Make-up Tricks1. A few days before your party, study your face closely.  Look in the mirror and see which features you like best; what are the virtues of your face, and what defects do you consider your face to have.

2. If you have dry, rough, or dull skin, you must go on a mini-diet a few days before the party so your face and eyes look as healthy as possible, and so the make-up looks good on you.  So, stop eating dairy, cold meats, and refined sugars for a few days, and drink 3 liters of fresh water a day.  Drink 1 liter of citrus fruits during the morning, and during the afternoon, drinking 1 liter of fresh vegetable juice.

3. Face: Foundation is key for you face to look smooth and soft.  However, before applying the foundation, wash your face well, and apply a hydrating cream.  Let it absorb into your skin, and then apply your foundation (some foundations include a cream, to prevent the foundation from cracking).

4. Nose: When you apply your foundation, take the shape of your nose into consideration.  For example: if you have a small or flat nose, you should bring it out by using light and bright tones around this area.  If it is narrow and prominent, you should lightly apply a darker tone to the nostrils.  If you have a hooked nose, use a dark eyeliner to draw over the bridge of your nose, and then blend well.

5. Eyes: They are one of the most attractive features on the face.  So you need to be very well balanced so as not to hide your natural beauty under too much make-up.  Rather, you want to accentuate and illuminate this area.  The first thing to do is to hide the bags under your eyes, if you have them.  For this, moisturize the area under the eyes with an eye contour mask, and then apply concealer to hide the bags.  apply just a bit with your fingertip, spreading it evenly underneath the entire bottom eyelid.  If you have small eyes, you should use dark eyeliner only in the corner of your eyes, and apply mascara to the eyelashes.  The color you use to shade your eye should match your outfit, but your eye and skin color keep in mind as well.  Generally, during Christmas parties, the most frequently used colors are gold, silver, bronze, blue, and sienna.  But if you’re not convinced by these, we will suggest a few based on your eye color:

  • BLUE EYES: Plum or eggplant colors
  • GREEN EYES: Maroon tones or deep cherry.
  • BROWN EYES: Bronze, golden, browns, and even metallic touches.
  • HONEY-COLORED EYES: Olive tones, dark greens.
  • GREY EYES: Blues, straw-colored, vermilion.
  • BLACK OR VERY DARK EYES: Intense blue colors.

6. Mouth: If you want to have a natural but radiating and seductive look, follow this rule: If you want your eyes to pop, don’t use scandalous colored lipsticks.  Give your lips a smoky or rosey look.  If you want your mouth to stand out, then use any color of red, orange, pearl, golden, and geranium colors.  Outline your lips with a special liner.  Then use a bit of glitter on top.  This will make your lips look plumper and more prominent.

7. Lastly, use a bit of powder on your face, and add a bit of rosiness to your cheeks, starting at your cheekbone and moving to the corner of your eye.

I hope you will enjoy these make-up tricks!

Please leave a comment if you use them.

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