When my Body Hurts… my Soul Hurts

Do you want to feel good no matter what happens?

Our bodies are made up of approximately 72,000,000,000 cells.

When my Body Hurts... my Soul HurtsThey have different functions: some contract and expand, and form muscles.  Others transport oxygen and make up part of the blood.  Some form minerals and make up bones, and some transmit electricity, parts of food, different chemical substances, some are meant to join things together, some save energy, some protect, isolate, reproduce, and there are several more.  In total, we are believed to have more than 200 different cells.  Each cell is governed by the brain.  The brain is what indicates when, how, how much, where, and with what else to interact.  These orders from the brain are autonomous and/or at our will.  For example, the order that causes the heart to beat is autonomous and independent (except for specific and special training).  On the other hand, to grab something the individual moves their hand and fingers, and contracts certain groups of muscles at will, based on their decision.  The combination of brain functions is called the mind.  Our mind is conformed to our thoughts, memories, beliefs, values (these last two are created and developed from birth as a “tool” to organize information received from life), our desires, our will (some people call this vitality) and a lot of other little “things”.  The way we perceive mental states is controlled by emotions.  Emotions are the perceiving mechanism for certain experiences, either current or past, real or imaginary, self or foreign.  To better understand, emotions are our way of realizing how our world is going.  The world is one thing, and the color that we see it as is another.

Facts, experiences that we live, are determined according to the way in which we interpret them and live them emotionally.

Let’s take a fact: a couple separates.  This fact is lived with different intensities, durations, and emotions, by two separate people.  Not only that, one person will not experience the emotional separation just like the other.  And we’re talking about the same fact!  When I broke up with my first boyfriend, I wanted to die.  Life didn’t mean anything to me.  I was crushed.  Now, 35 years later of course, I don’t feel the same, in spite of the fact that the fact remains the same, he dumped me…

The emotions that we perceive are highly connected to our character, our life experience (beliefs and values), our physical health, our spirituality (faith, vitality, identity).  Of course we can’t choose how we want to feel, but we can better understand ourselves, and how to nourish ourselves and care for our health.  How we evolve as people determines how we’re going to feel.

The Emotion-Body-Brain Triad

Our emotional state is a direct consequence of our self-awareness when dealing with any life circumstance, especially difficult ones.  It depends on our ability to manage our minds, our physical state (diet, exercise, attitude).

This means that the emotion-body-brain triad is completely and permanently interconnected.  They are one system, and when one of them changes, the other also change in order to maintain balance.

If you experience an intense bout of sadness, your mental activity will change and your bodily activity (on a cellular level) will also change in order to maintain balance.  Sometimes you won’t perceive this, other times you will.  The way to perceive this is by a modification if organic functioning (constipation, diarrhea, high/low blood pressure, altered sleep, sexual dysfunction, excessive sweating, tension, etc.) other times this emotional conflict – let’s say, the “intense sadness” – manifests through illness.  A certain system or organ will function poorly.  It could also express as a change in behavior, either permanent or temporary (depression, anxiety, irritability, apathy, fatigue, lack of appetite, etc)

This means that if your head, neck, back and/or abdomen hurts (just to name a few common ailments) all together or separately, it’s quite likely (except in cases of intoxication or trauma) that before the pain appeared, you lived a conflicting emotional situation that you were not conscious of.  In order to solve this discomfort and its symptoms, sometimes a chemical “fix” – medicine – is enough, and other times it is not.  Sometimes an emotional “fix” is enough -the unbalancing factor – and other times not.

Often times you’ll need both.  You are the only one who can choose your life path and where you start to fix it.

The Psychosomatic Humanistic Clinic, also known as Bio-decoding, Bioneuroemotion, Bio-reprogramming, Biological decoding, treats organic problems – physical, psychic and/or behavioral.  From this focus, it find the origin of the symptoms or disease that you perceive.

The relationship between disease and emotions

The truth is, whenever the body doesn’t function properly: being overweight, osteoarthritis, insomnia, arrhythmia, cancer, bronchitis, etc., you can interpret this as a message that something is wrong with your emotions.  Your psychic state is not well, it is unbalanced.  This unbalanced mood state that you are evidently habitually unaware of, creates the perception of danger, threat, alert in the brain.  Our brains are programmed to have the sole purpose of keeping us alive and if a threat is perceived, to react to counteract it.

So when a woman is left by her partner and they later make up, the days following, she will emit a vaginal/sexual odor that will increase as an attraction method.  Her brain perceived danger for the survival of her generation (the male that was chosen for reproduction has left) and it will adopt a biological measure to repair and ensure that the danger is gone.

This is very similar with different symptoms or diseases.

So when something hurts you, of course you need to treat the pain and prevent suffering.  If your lumbar spine hurts, see a doctor that can prescribe a corresponding medication (generally anti-inflammatories and analgesics).  Rest, and do not avoid looking for the emotional cause behind the pain.

Hold on there, skeptics!  Give me a bit of credit!  Once I was down with “kidney” problems after lifting a bag of cement.  We’re used to thinking that a mechanical movement is the cause of the osteoarticular condition.  That could be, but why exactly did it happen in the L3 L4 area?  Or, why does this sometimes happen for no apparent reason, like getting out of bed?  Or having bad posture?  Yes, it’s possible.

But in every case that I have seen, behind every symptom, there is an emotional factor related to it.  Once this is seen and treated, often times the symptom disappears.  It’s not magic, it’s psychosomatic.

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