Eyes for seducing and conquering

Eyelashes, eyelids, and the eyes are powerful conquering tools.  If you want to get the best from your eyes, here are a few tips.

How to get beautiful Eyelashes

Eyelashes give a very strong personality to eyes.  Some eyelashes are droopy, others are long, full, thin, etc.  It’s said that dark, thick and long eyelashes are the most attractive, but that’s not always the case.  The eyelashes each one of us has is in some way, in style with the rest of our faces, and nature has made them a certain way to make our faces harmonious.

Playing with your image is, however, one way of trying out “different beauties”.  Keep in mind that the majority of men don’t like fake eyelashes or over-using mascara, which is why we recommend not using them at all.

The first thing you should do before playing with your eyelashes is to keep them healthy by following these tips:

  • Put a little bit of almond oil on your eyelashes at night.
  • Apply a bit of Vaseline before using mascara, but don’t use too much.
  • Use high quality mascara so your eyelashes don’t fall out or deteriorate.
  • Avoid quickly rubbing your eyes; this could cause eyelashes to fall out.
  • Some health food stores sell pastes for nourishing eyelashes and for making them stronger and fuller.

Beautiful eyes and beauty tricks

  • Avoid bags under your eyes by trying to drink enough water, eating well, and not staying up late.
  • Drink enough water (2 liters a day) so your eyes are bright and clean.
  • Drink carrot juice to nourish and clean your eyes.
  • Don’t use too much eye shadow or makeup.  Natural is much more attractive for a lot of men.
  • If you want your eyelashes to look full without having to use mascara, put a pinch of gel on your fingers and gently curve the ends of your eyelashes.  They’ll bunch together and look fuller.
  • Avoid scrunching your eyes because this creates wrinkles around your eyes and it also looks bad.  Apply special eye creams when you go to sleep and avoid pulling on the delicate skin around your eyes when you apply it.  It’s best to apply it by gently pushing into the area around the eye.
  • Use a special curler or a spoon to curl your eyelashes.  To curl with a spoon, just take the concave side of the spoon and slide it down your eyelashes, very gently.  Do this preferably when you get done showering because the moisture will help curl them better and they should stay that way all day.
  • Play with lengthening your eyelashes and using a thin layer of good quality mascara.
  • Lastly, remember that the best and most seductive beauty tip of all is what you carry inside.  Try to look at people with friendliness and interest.  A smiling and discreet glance is always a foolproof weapon for conquering others.

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