Exercises to Relax tension and Tone the Forehead to Prevent Wrinkles

Why does one need facial gymnastics?

Exercises to Relax tension and tone the forehead to Prevent WrinklesPracticing facial gymnastics fights and prevents tensions, for example, between the eyes and in the forehead.  There are roughly 50 muscles in the face and a lot of them are barely used, which is why they lose definition and strength.  Experience this state of well-being and improve health by allowing energy to flow freely, eliminating blockages, by performing Facial Gymnastics.

In order to learn how to control stress levels so as to avoid chronic tension headaches, you need to change your lifestyle, find moments to relax, eat healthy, avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine, and do not lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Acute headaches have symptoms like: lack of concentration, visual fatigue, sinusitis, lack of motivation, insomnia, tiredness, light and sound sensitivity.  Bad moods and intolerance are also frequent reactions, which are a consequence of these symptoms.

It is logical that during vacation your tension will dissipate, because of the increased rest, the mental disconnect, less arguments and negotiation.  If you play sports or take walks, you’re in fresh air more (sun-nature) and often times you also eat better, seeing as how you enjoy your meals without so much rush.

We are going to use these exercise to try to maintain a similar state.  Tension, in general, affects facial expression, but when an individual suffers from cranial tension, his/her face becomes tense and hard, which also influences how other people react, how you view things and how your day develops.

Advice for controlling cranial tension, proving symptom relief and slowly ending constant tensions:

– Adopt an appropriate posture for working, and change it frequently.

– Get used to taking small breaks to stretch out and to eliminate tension.

– Every now and then, pull your shoulders back and breath deeply.

– Use relaxation techniques

– Incorporate breathing techniques.

– Try to rest the necessary hours

– Exercise helps activate circulation and prevent tension

– Enjoy the benefits of self-massage as often as you can

A lot of people reach the end of their day so exhausted that all they can think about is laying down in bed to recharge.  If you get used to “operating” on this level of physiological exhaustion, and you do NOT recover your energy, you will end up in the RED ZONE.

Working with the frontal region

Frontal and temporal muscles, and the temples

Forehead lines are generally caused by worry, anger, but also tensions that settle into this area, and which are not released.  They end up developing into migraines and changing one’s expression.

BENEFITS: These exercises help work your musculature, prevent wrinkles and also activate circulation, which fights tension by helping release it.

Perform each exercise 6 times

  1. Inhale, and open your mouth and eyes as wide as you can, making a surprised expression with your face.  Hold this position for 6 seconds, relax and repeat once again.
  2. Using your thumb and index finger, gently pinch your eyebrows, holding each point for 6 seconds.  Rub your fingers upwards between your eyebrows to the ends of your eyebrows.  Release the tension and open your face up.
  3. Place the palm of your hand over your eyebrows, covering them up.  Press upwards.  Raise and lower your eyebrows while holding pressure on them.  Raise for 6 seconds and relax.
  4. Place two fingers in between your eyebrows and squeeze the muscle underneath.  Then scrunch your forehead as if you were angry.  In order to work the musculature with your fingers, press upwards to counter effect it.  Hold for 6 seconds and relax.

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