5 Pharmaceutical Addictions that could prove fatal

Some pharmaceutical addictions kill slowly, they attack the heart, the kidneys and lungs, and other vital organs.  The worst and most worrisome part is that they come from products that are easily procured by going to the pharmacy, the drug store or supermarket.

5 Pharmaceutical AddictionsLaboratories have made them popular and they’re advertised with so much publicity.  In a lot of countries, consumers aren’t even asked for a prescription to purchase them.

But take note: these five addictions should be feared, and if you’re reading this article, you may have already fallen into their clutches.

1. Laxatives:

Without a doubt, someone who isn’t a doctor has recommended them to you before.  A family member, a friend, etc.  You should not make it a habit to take laxatives to resolve constipation.  This medication, if taken excessively, could cause severe colon damage, and thereby, poor nutrition. 

A lot of people even take laxatives to lose weight, thinking that this is an excellent alternative.  Be careful, however, as this can cause ulcers, chronic diarrhea, malnutrition, abdominal cramping, and even a full-blown tachycardia.  

2. Inhalers

Using these products could help you breath better due to their bronchiodilater effect, but before using them, you need to learn how to do so.  So make sure that a specialist recommends it to you.  They are normally recommended to patients with asthma or obstructive pulmonary diseases.  They should not be used without a medical prescription, just because you are suffering from some sort of sold, or you have a stuffy nose.

Remember that they contain corticosteroids.  Using them incorrectly and excessively could produce tachycardia, arrhythmia, insomnia and shaking.

Likewise, it could cause fungus in the oral mucosa and the esophagus.

3. Re-hydrating beverages

We’ve already talked about these products in a previous post, in which we mentioned that excessive electrolytes could affect the kidneys, and they should only be consumed after having endured extreme physical exhaustion, or if you have diarrhea and are dehydrated.  You should not drink them simply because you’re thirsty.  However, there is a large part of the global population that prefers these drinks to fresh water, because they have a pleasantly sweet taste, which even comes in a variety of flavors.

Be careful not to drink them excessively.  This could create edema and kidney alterations, which over time could become chronic and extremely dangerous.

4. Antacids

Taking antacids has become habitual, because a meal didn’t settle well with you, your drank too much, etc.  They don’t require anyone to prescribe them.  We go to the drug store and ask for however much we want, in case of an emergency.

However, these products are very dangerous, even though they may seem harmless.  An overdose could be fatal.  They could also damage the esophagus, where they come back up.  They cause kidney stones, gastritis, ulcers, bleeding wounds, severe digestive hemorrhages, and they could even unleash cancer.

5. Sleeping pills

These are the most dangerous of all, because not only are they extremely addictive, they could also cause premature death, according to a study published in the British journal BMJ Open.  Continual use of these products is completely contraindicated due to the consequences they have, like: lymphoma, lung, prostate and colon cancer.

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