Dry or Oily Dandruff: Try these Effective Natural Remedies

Does your head itch?  Does your scalp give off white flakes?  Are you out of ideas for what to do with your hair?  Don’t worry.  If you’ve ever been told there’s nothing you can do, you just have to manage it, don’t believe that.  Dandruff is caused by a fungus known as malassezia globosa, which is generally found on the scalp, and causes different unpleasant symptoms in each person.  If you apply yourself, you can  get rid of dandruff, by following these super effective tips.

male hair 1Remember that you must be patient, and that persistence is key for complete healing treatments.  Fungus becomes chronic when it finds the right environment, but if this environment does not exist, the fungus simply dies.  Be persistent with these remedies, and you will see how slowly, the fungus simply goes away.

Fungi are organisms that depend on anther organism for subsistence.  They are parasitic in nature, and are generally stubborn and difficult to remove.  This is why they sometimes stay for either very long periods of time, or permanently.

To fight dandruff you need to attack the fungus.  Some pharmaceutical products just hit the problem, weakening the fungus.  But as soon as you stop using the product, the fungus returns even stronger, and you may become dependent on certain remedies.

Health habits for fighting dandruff

In order to naturally attack the fungus, and even to eradicate it, we advise that you follow these super effective tips.

HEAT-MOISTURE: You need to avoid combining these two factors in your head, because the heat and moisture are a perfect mixture to allow fungi to grow and spread.  For example: It is very important that if you have dandruff, do not wash your hair at night, because the heat and moisture that is created when you go to bed will create a perfect environment for the fungus.  Wash your hair in the morning, and avoid using a drier or a flat iron, as this too combines heat and moisture.  It’s best to wash you hair and let it air dry, preferably at home.

TEA TREE OIL: Use anti-dandruff shampoo appropriate for your hair type, either oily or dry.  Afterwards, rinse well, apply a chamomile infusion with two drops of tea tree oil.  Prepare this mixture before showering, and have it ready when needed.  Once you have rinsed the shampoo out of your hair, finish by rinsing with the tea, rubbing the solution into your scalp, and gently scrubbing so that your scalp will be well saturated.  Start at the forehead and move backwards along the head toward you neck.  Repeat every three days when you wash your hair.  Tea tree oil is an excellent fungicide.

COLLOIDAL SILVER:  The best thing to do when you have dandruff is to wash you hair every three days.  When you wash your hair, apply the tea tree remedy, and when you don’t wash your hair, apply colloidal silver, using your fingers to rub it into your scalp.  The silver is another extraordinary fungicide.  Apply it with your fingertips, gently scrubbing.  Avoid rubbing too hard.

DIET: Diet comes first when trying to get rid of dandruff.  Whenever the body becomes low in vitamins, or has a weak defense system, it’s more prone the getting fungus.  You definitely need to avoid refined sugar and white flour, which are delicacies for fungi.  Avoid sweetening your food and eating flour (substitute them for whole grains), and avoid sodas, packaged and processed food.  Eat a raw clove of garlic every  three days to activate your defense system.  Garlic is also a potent fungicide in the body, and fungi truly dislike garlic.  You should include the following foods in your diet: brewer’s yeast, citrus juice in the mornings (pineapple or orange juice is great), almonds, walnuts, papaya, carrot juice with allow and alfalfa, etc.  We recommend that you start your days by drinking boldo tea with lemon juice.  20 minutes afterwards, eat papaya with raw oats and walnuts.

STRESS: Lastly, to kill fungus, you need to consider your stress and anxiety levels.  They wear the immune system down.  To relax, drink a passionflower or orange blossom tea.  Whenever you feel tense or anxious, breathe deeply and try to bring peaceful thoughts to mind that make you feel good.

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