Your bones need phosphorus too

Did you know that phosphorus is a macro  mineral which combined with calcium forms strong bones and teeth?  Both elements are found in our bodies, but they need to be kept in balance.  An excess or lack of either one directly affects the ability to absorb the other.

Teff grains is the main food crops in Ethiopia.Other benefits that are attributed to phosphorus is its ability to store energy.

Benefits of phosphorus

Some of the most important functions that phosphorus fulfills in the body is the correct formation and maintenance of bones, teeth and gums.  It helps relieve pains caused by arthritis and stimulates muscular contraction, including the heart.  It is necessary for correct kidney function and correct transmission of nerve impulses.

Phosphorus is needed during pregnancy for normal production of maternal milk.

Foods with phosphorus

Although a lot of foods contain phosphorus, these foods are the richest: Parmesan cheese, fish such as sardines, salmon, calamari, cod, dogfish, swordfish, trout and European eel.

Phosphorus is also contained in meats like chicken, duck, goose and turkey.  In grains, good sources of phosphorous are wheat grain, rye bread, browns and whole grains.  Artichokes, fava beans, lentils, garbanzos and mushrooms are also good sources of phosphorus.

Insufficient phosphorus

A lack of phosphorus could cause some alterations like weaknesses in bones, teeth and gums, especially in the elderly.  Changes in nerve transmissions, correct kidney function and muscular contractions.

This could also cause a disorder in metabolizing fats, mental and physical fatigue, weakness, lack of energy, and shaking.  In some cases, anorexia, rickets and respiratory disorders.

People that should consume it

Here are a few illnesses that require obligatory phosphorus consumption:

– Cardiac muscle disorders, like tachycardia.

Bone diseases, like arthritis, osteoarthritis, rickets and rheumatism.

– Metabolic disorders like harmful cholesterol and/or triglyceride levels.

– When an individual is experiencing bloody cavities, gingivitis.  In this case, those that are affected should not stop eating foods that are rich in or have heightened phosphorus levels.

Kidney disorders, anxiety, anguish, depression and stress and states that could be alleviated by this wonderful mineral.

When are there deficiencies?

Phosphorus deficiencies can be caused by several things.  It could be due to improper diet or heightened consumption of sugar, flour and fats.

It is also known that stress is one of the causes of low phosphorus.  Another factor that diminishes this mineral in the body is excessive iron, aluminum and magnesium consumption.

On the other hand, a vitamin D and nicotinic acid deficiency could cause phosphorus levels to drop.  Individuals that suffer from hyperthyroidism also show constantly low phosphorous levels.


This is unusual, but excessive consumption could unleash hypocalcemia, which reduces calcium levels in the body and could end up causing cardiac effects.

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