Inclined table: its great benefits for health and beauty

The inclined table is one of the most practical, inexpensive, and useful alternative sfor getting in shape, and helping keep the body healthy, young, and full of energy.  Its multiple  and surprising benefits have given stupendous results to all types of people.
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What is an inclined table?

Also known as a yoga table (for yoga exercises), it can also be found in gyms to do abs and other types of exercises.  The truth is, this table can be adjusted to fit a respective height from the ground, in various levels.

Benefits of an inclined table:

  • MUSCLES: useful for increasing muscular strength and toning muscles.
  • CIRCULATION: Increases circulation effectiveness to the upper part of the body where blood circulation can often times be deficient, especially when the heart isn’t strong enough, and can’t pump the blood upwards.  This nourishes and oxygenates several brain tissues correctly.
  • BRAIN: brain oxygenation and nutrition is indispensable for proper functioning of all the body’s principal organs.  If the brain does not receive enough blood and oxygen daily, it will affect both health as well as the body’s strength and vitality in general.  Exercises on an inclined table benefit brain health and the nervous system, which are necessary for complete body health.  It is especially helpful for cases of bad memory, paralysis, dizziness, tension, nervousness, anxiety, lack of attention, etc.
  • REJUVENATE: by increasing blood circulation, the skin becomes nourished and oxygenated.  Also, by placing the body against gravity, the tissues become revitalized and strengthened, giving a rest to the strength of gravity that pulls us downward.  This allows the skin to grow firmer and smoother.
  • BREASTS: the breasts are comprised of fatty tissues.  They lack muscle, causing them to frequently fall if they are not cared for properly, as with a good bra or a proper diet.  With an inclined table, the breasts can take a rest from gravity.  They will also tone and prevent premature falling or flaccidity.
  • EYES AND EARS: frequent use of the inclined table can correct problems with the eyes and ears.
  • HAIR: efficient circulation caused by inclined table usage pumps blood to the scalp, nourish the hair follicles and preventing loss and damage.
  • HEART: this is one of the best alternatives for heart and circulatory conditions.  It helps especially with preventing and fighting varicose veins.
  • FATIGUE: fights fatigue and tiredness, and also helps relax the nervous system.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM: combined with a proper diet, exercises on an inclined table can truly strengthen the body’s  defenses, helping it fight and heal all sorts of conditions.

What sort of exercises should I do on the inclined table?

The truth is, you can do these exercises on the floor, like abs, bicycles, and a few more.  However, you need to consider certain precautions, as the inclined table is discouraged in some cases.

Before beginning to use the inclined table:

1. If it is the first time you have used this table, you should begin slowly.  No more than 3 to 5 minutes, avoid any exhausting routines.  The best thing to do is to lay down for 5 minutes on the first few days, without doing any sort of exercise or effort.  Just lay with your body in position.  The inclination of the table should not be very pronounced.  Start with inclines close to the ground.  You should do this is this is the first time you have used a table, or if you don’t exercise much.  If you get dizzy while you’re laying down, take a break from the position and try it the following day, or reduce the table’s incline a bit.

2. Do not use the table if you are hypertensive or just after eating.  You should do these exercises on an empty stomach, and hour and a half after having eaten food.  In the mornings or before going to bed is the best time, or at mid-day, an hour and a half after eating.

Exercises and routines with the inclined table:

1. Once you’ve gotten used to the inclined position, you should begin with low intensity exercises, like raising your straightened legs, or pulling them towards your chest.  Do sessions with 5 repetitions, where you stretch out your legs, and lower them together, or alternating.  Little by little, increase the repetitions, and add various exercises, like bicycles.  Incorporate your arms as well.  Raise and lower them to the sides, behind, and in front.

2. After you begin to feel good on the table, incorporate abdominals.  To do abs on an inclined table, you need to have strong abdominal and lumbar muscles.  To strengthen them, do abs on the floor first, especially if you have a weak back.

3. It is advisable to use the table once or twice a day, 10 minutes each session.  If you follow this daily routine, you will see your health and appearance improve considerably.  Your skin and hair will rejuvenate, you will feel alive and healthy.

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