E. Bach’s twelve flower remedies

I’m going to introduce you to the topic of flower remedies by starting with 12 healers.  Not only are they the first to be discovered by Edward Bach, I am especially interested in them because they can be considered typological, and can be recognized by personal characteristics pertaining to each and every one of them.  They can be related to individuals that are typically “Impatiens” or “Mimulus”, etc.

E. Bach's floral remediesIn the following articles I am going to talk to you about the remaining flower remedies, continuing on with those that Bach called “the seven helpers” and the 19 remaining ones, until finishing with the existing 38 flowers.

According to what Bach himself wrote in his book “The Twelve Healers”: “There are fundamentally twelve primary personality types, and each one of them has a positive and negative aspect […] The relationship between the first twelve flowers corresponding to twelve basic personality types is evident.”  These twelve flowers are as follows:

Floral remedies

1. Impatiens (Impatience)

For people who are irritable, have bad moods, stubborn, impatient.

2. Chicory

For individuals that become angry over details, worry about silly things, or for those that require a lot of attention or pampering.

3. Ceratostigma

For people that seem to have no absorbing desire in life; those that feel insecure in themselves and their resources.  They always ask advice from different people but never follow it, never feeling too confident in having the right answer.

4. Gentian (gentiana)

For those with depression; when one feels like things are not going well, or are doubtful that they will recover their health.

5. Rock Rose (helianthemum)

When a patient is horrified, or when an illness is so severe that it causes fear in those surrounding them.  In fact, all emergency or dangerous cases can use this remedy, even when another is needed at the same time.

6. Mimulus

When a patient is quiet, but suffering from fear in silence.

7. Scleranthus

For those that find it difficult to decide what they want and think about what they would like to do.  They try one thing after another.  They feel like they want two or three things at the same time, but they can’t decide on a single one.

8. Agrimony

For individuals that, in spite of being ill, are brilliant and funny and try not to make the problem worse.

9. Clematis

When a patient is dozing off or drowsy; disinterested in things, seems absent.

10. Verbena

For people who are stubborn and strong willed.  They don’t like advice.  Difficult to help.  For individuals that, when they’re bad, keep fighting longer after others abandon them.

11. Water violet

For people that want to be alone, perhaps to go off and be calm.

12. Centaury

For individuals that are weak, languid, exhausted and have no energy.  They are calm and frequently timid and meek.

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