Bach Flowers: the Seven helpers

By discovering the twelve healers of Bach flowers (in the previous article), Bach continued his investigative work with flowers, and noticed that in some cases, this treatment was not sufficient to reach the deepest problem causing the illness.  He himself described this as: “We find that certain cases seem to not fit precisely in any of the Twelve Healers, and a lot of them seem to be so accustomed to their illness, that it seems to be part of his or her nature (…) and it is difficult to see their true self because, rather than searching for a cure, they have adopted and altered their lives to adapt to their illness. (…)

Bach Flowers: the Seven helpersHe continues: “Such individuals have lost a lot of their individuality, their personality, and need to be helped to exit their stagnation, the routine that they have been in, before it is possible to know which of the Twelve Healers they need”.  ‘The twelve healers and four helpers”. 1933.

The seven Florar Remedies of Bach Flowers

These seven floral remedies of Bach Flowers were added to the existing twelve in two stages.  He first discovered four, and then later on added three more:

Rock Water

This is Bach’s only remedy that does not pertain to a flower, but rather that is made up of spring water.  For rigid and hard individuals, with an accentuated liking of perfection.  They are severe and have rigid and unchanging points of view.  They have acetic and strict ideas about life.   They constantly self-reprimand.


For individuals that focus excessively on themselves, which translates in a need to be the center of attention all the time.  This is typical for hypochondriacs that develop an exaggerated self-observation. 

Ulex (Gorse)

This type of individual has lost the ability to hope.  This mental state appears after a period of suffering, whereby other sensations probably dominated, like fear or physical or psychic torture.


Usually characterized by strong individuals, like oak trees, that are generally the family pillar or support.  They are generally classified as “workaholics“.  Whatever they do, they do it with heart and soul, and without complaining.  They do not know the meaning of tired, which doesn’t mean they don’t experience it, but they just don’t perceive the organic signs that accompany it, which could lead to a nervous collapse.

Vine flower

These people are efficient, self-confident, resolved, decided, and strong willed and ambitious, with great powers to demand.  The weakness in these individuals is that this brings them to be hard and power-loving, which makes them disrespectful to those surrounding them.


For individuals whose prolonged adverse circumstances has exhausted their vital energy to such an extreme that they have been left powerless to move forward.  Their fatigue is so extensive that both mind and body have become completely exhausted of energy.

Wild Oat

These individuals are used to starting a lot of things, generally enthusiastically, but soon after lose interest and motivation.  They are eternal learners, always searching and never reaching the goal.  This makes them feel like life passes them by, and that they are wasting their time and opportunities.

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