Dysplasia: Causes and Natural Treatments

Dysplasia is an abnormality is the way cells look caused by changes in the maturation process.  Dysplasia occurs when immature cells increase with a corresponding decline in the number and location of mature cells.  This is an indicator of the neoplastic or precancerous process.  There are different types of dysplasia, and each one can be caused by several different things.  Although this is not a cancer, these immature cells could convert into cancer if not treated.
Dysplasia: Causes and Natural Treatments

Cervical dysplasia

Cervical dysplasia refers to precancerous changes in cells that cover the lining of the cervix.  This condition is caused by the cervical infection Human Papillomavirus (HPV).  It generally does not have any symptoms, however HPV can be detected as a warty growth on skin, feet, the anus or the genitals, or the uterus.

The uterus is the part that connects to the vagina.  While women have their period, cervical cells are very active, and this is when one could suffer from dysplasia, under certain conditions such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking certain medications, severe dietary carelessness, stress, feelings of rejection and disapproval of oneself towards your body or yourself in general.

Fibrous Dysplasia

Fibrous dysplasia causes normal bones to develop scar tissue, or fibrous tissue.  In minor cases, this does not have any symptoms, but in more serious or advanced cases, the bones could become deformed or painful.

Fibromuscular Dysplasia

In this case, dysplasia occurs when an artery contains an abnormal cluster of cells in the development of the wall.

Epithelial dysplasia of the larynx is also another existing condition.

General causes of dysplasia:

  • Deficient immune system.
  • Severe dietary carelessness, diet based on very refined foods, fat, overly-cooked or fried foods, etc.
  • Overuse of medications that lower the body’s defenses and damage internal organs.
  • Feelings of having something “dirty”, “bad”, or “unworthy” within oneself.  Severe disapproval for some life experience.
  • Smoking and/or drinking in excess and drug dependency.

How to treat and cure it

Dysplasia, like all illnesses, isn’t “bad”, nor is it something that should be feared.  Rather, it is a moment that one can use to take advantage of reevaluating a lot of things, and to reconsider new life habits and attitudes.

You can cure your body if you integrate several things, like those mentioned below:

  • A quality diet, containing natural products, especially organic ones.  Fresh vegetables, whole grains, consuming juices and salads in indispensable for strengthening the defense system and for cleansing the body in general.
  • Exercise helps release tensions and accumulated stress, which could imbalance normal basic body functions.  We recommend yoga, tai chi, chi-kung, etc.  These practices can teach you to also relax the mind.
  • It is very important to work with your feelings of repressed anger or repetitive depression.  These emotions lower the body’s defenses.  It is important to know that you also shouldn’t avoid or run away from what you feel, but rather learn to recognize what you feel, and start to understand that emotions can help you know yourself better.  They can make you more responsible for your own happiness, without waiting for happiness to come from others.
  • Try going to a bioenergetics session, which could help you reevaluate your feelings, and release disguised, denied, or repressed emotions from the body.

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