Cancer and Tumors: Causes and Natural Alternatives

It truly is astonishing seeing how the body adapts, reorganizes and reconstructs itself naturally and spontaneously when it is healthy.  It is equally astonishing to see when it doesn’t do those things, and it stops reacting properly.  This provokes a series of misadjustments, imbalances, and lack of interior harmony.
Cancer and Tumors: Causes and Natural Alternatives

What is cancer?

Normal cell function is to reproduce, replacing old cells with new ones.  This process needs to be done with a certain amount of balance in order for the body to function harmoniously.  When a series of factors combine that affect this natural behavior, and cause the cells to reproduce excessively, they grow and divide beyond normal limits.  We then have a tumor, which is a mass, or localized increase in an organ or tissue.

This excessive cell production begins to invade surrounding tissues, like blood vessels and tissues.  This sometimes causes them to propagate through blood flow or the lymphatic system (metastasis), to areas farther from the original area.  Generally, what differentiates a benign tumor from a malignant tumor  is that the benign tumor generally doesn’t propagate in other areas, while the malignant does.  Normally behaving cells prohibit its reproduction by feeling contact with the neighboring cell.  Malignant cels are not prohibited by this contact and continue to reproduce.  Cancer is a malignant tumor.

Probable causes of tumors and cancer:

  • Abnormalities in the genetic material of cells, frequently caused by carcinogenic agents like radiation, chemical products like tobacco, or general contamination.
  • Heredity: Being exposed to radiation or chemicals doesn’t always cause cancer.  It seems that this happens more because the cell was predisposed to this affliction, and thereby reacted when it was exposed.

Natural remedies

Cancer is one of the largest causes of death in the world, and the number only seems to keep growing.  There are alternatives for treating this condition in both allopathic and natural medicine.  The truth is, however, that there is still no sure-fire treatment, and no doctor can truly know for sure if their patient is going to heal or not.  Just as with every condition, the cure depends more on the patient and their intent to heal, that on the doctor or treatment: in cancer’s case, the responsibility for healing seems to fall heavily on the patient’s shoulders.

If you have cancer and are looking for healing alternatives, keep the following in mind:

  • Follow a diet where you avoid the following foods (do the best you can): refined sugar and its derivatives (sodas, cookies, refined breads, etc.), cow’s milk and derivatives (cheese, yogurt, etc.), fried foods and packaged meats, as well as red meats.  Include foods in your diet that are rich in vitamins and minerals like juices or fresh vegetable salads (alfalfa, cabbage, lettuce, parsley, spinach, carrots, beets, etc.), and supplement your diet with whole grains.  You should eat fruits without combining them with other foods.  Diet is very important because it will help strengthen your entire body, especially your immune system.
  • Find a place (or practice in your own home) exercises that help you relax and help create interior harmony: yoga and tai-chi are excellent.
  • Look for a good reflexologist, acupuncturist, professional bioenergetic doctor, or some other natural medicine alternative that helps balance your energetic system.

Pay attention to your emotional facets

Do you know why herbs never stops growing in unused land?  Because it has the elements it needs.  Things that don’t, can’t grow.  Cancer is feeding itself on something, and if you don’t stop it, even if the cut it, burn it, or if the doctors control it, it will continue to grow under the right conditions.

Anger, hate, and resentment are deep cancer roots.  Resentment is frequently not felt in the moment, but comes from something stored in the past, covered by a life that makes it “invisible”.  Maybe you could keep in mind, however, that certain circumstances in your life made you feel very angry, sad, or violent again certain experiences: if those feelings of frustration or indignation were not met with a solution or some way of understanding, then this deep non-conformity was stored inside, and sooner or later it had to find a way to get out.  Emotions are energies, and the body then simply absorbed that energy and then manifested itself in what is known as cancer.

But the truth is, however, there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” emotions.  But when we don’t understand this, however, we frequently judge what we feel, and we store it deep down.  We don’t let it leave, we think it’s “malignant”, and we bury something that is still alive. Resentment means to feel something once again (re-sentiment).  Only you can re-experience something that was left unresolved.  The resentment that you could feel towards someone or something, is something that corresponds to you alone, because only you can resolve what you feel.

Trying to hold on to anger, hated, or non-conformity doesn’t help us at all.  They will undoubtedly find a way to escape, and over time, they will do this through your body.  The best thing to do, is to start by not judging yourself, to understand life from other perspectives, and to let go of what didn’t happen, or what you wanted. Letting go means that you take responsibility for your own happiness.  This means you understand that all of those events or people that you feel a certain anger towards, did everything they could; they couldn’t give you anything more, nor understand you better, because they couldn’t even do it with themselves.

If you truly wish to cure yourself, and make the cancer disappear from whence it came, you must penetrate your interiority, and heal everything inside that hurts you.  Begin by cleansing your life of everything unnecessary, learn to recognize that you are the only person responsible for your life, and that the love you are searching for is within yourself.  You just need to find the way to understand who you are, what you want, and leave everything else behind that blocks you from fulfilling you in any way.  The message you will send through your body with this new attitude will be “benign”, and of well-being.  Little by little, your cells with nourish themselves with this high frequency message, which is your enthusiasm to create your life as you want it.  Then cancer will little by little, begin to disappear from where it came from. 

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