Human Papillomavirus: Physical and emotional diet to fight it

Do you think this is an illness that can’t be cure?  Have you already done everything and the virus just doesn’t go away?  The Human Papillomavirus is an infection that is generally transmitted sexually, it attacks the genital area and has symptoms like the appearance of warts, both in men and women alike.  It can become cancerous if not treated, and painful.  It is generally caused by a weak immune system, but it might also be due to excessive stress and repressed or constant feelings of non-acceptance or anger, which could promote this condition.

Human Papillomavirus: Physical and emotional diet to fight itThere are a lot of things suggested to cure it, but there’s nothing better than natural healing methods.  This illness can be eliminated if the body regains its balance and harmony.  Always remember that no matter how strong a disease may seem, the body has the ability to self’repair and heal itself.  All you need to do is give it the necessary elements to recover balance.  You’ll notice how by becoming aware of what health means, the illness will disappear from whence it came.

Here we are going to give you a few secrets that will undoubtedly help you recover your health.  For the moment, avoid any kind of sexual contact until you have recovered.

Anti-viral foods

A lot of foods can be medicinal.  If eaten strategically, your body will recover health much more quickly than with strong medicines.  There are some natural foods that have potent antiviral effects, and others are good for cleansing the body and lowering pH levels in the blood.  Did you know that more than 90% of illnesses are caused because the body is saturated in toxins, which increases the body’s acidity?  Pineapple, papaya, garlic and onion, along with fresh vegetable juices including carrots and aloe, etc., should not be lacking in your diet.  You should eat garlic raw and while soft.  Eat a small clove, either at night or in the morning.  Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and of course, avoid anything that is refined.  Sugar is terrible for viral infections, as well as white bread or flours, and any form of cow’s milk.

Diet as a basis of healing

Therefore, we recommend, as a healing basis, the following cleansing diet for one or two days: choose either papaya, pineapple or grapes with their seeds.  Choose of of these fruits and eat it for one or two days.  Drink plain water, nothing else, one glass of warm water in the morning before starting your diet, with one tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll.  If you get hungry, eat more fruit, but only the fruit that you have chosen.  Avoid changing it for another.  After following this diet, try to eat raw and steamed vegetables, making them the basis of your diet.  Avoid any of the previously indicated foods.

An emotional cure for Papillomavirus (the soul cure)

Dr. Bernard Jensen (naturist) says that a lot of illnesses must be healed by bringing peace to the soul.  This equates to healing your emotions.  Disease is the body’s response to any factors that take place inside us, not only does the diet influence them, but so do attitudes and feelings.  For example, excessive stress causes the defenses to lower, and so do feelings like a lot of anger or constant rage.

It is important to take a look at this aspect because if you tend to repress your feelings, or if you focus your life on complaining, rejection, non-acceptance, etc., the body will show it.  One of the emotional causes associated with this disease is feeling “dirty” or “unworthy”.  In this case, one may be silently protesting something, or may have misunderstood anger, which converts into a constant protest that the body creates, stemming from the illness.  This condition is then reflected in the genital area.  The area at which the disease accumulates indicates that there is some sort of non-acceptance towards a partner or sexual relations.  It is quite likely that the affected individual is not at peace with, or does not enjoy, his/her sexual life or partner.  They may be experiencing anger or silent resentment.  If one becomes aware of these feelings and allows the feelings to flow, they are nourished by learning not to expect so much from others, and to understand more.  Therefore, perhaps little by little and with new understanding, the anger softens and the body will no longer need to reveal it.

Some say that love cures all.  And it’s true.  The point to learn here is to understand yourself more each and every day, don’t make others responsible for what you feel and live.  Learning to make yourself happy is your responsibility, along with getting to know yourself more and more every day.

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