Destiny, Work or Luck (Part One)

What is Destiny? How often do we dream about achieving, being or having something?  How many times do we do this, and it comes true, and how many times do these dreams remain as unrealistic illusions?
Destiny, Work or Luck

The struggles of Walt Disney

Elias Walt Disney was once a small child that lived on a small farm outside of town.  Because he was one of the youngest children in the family, he was exempt from a lot of the family chores, and enjoyed a splendid childhood with his younger sister.  Their days were filled with games, fun and were worry-free, during which time he also developed a special love of trains.

Perhaps that small child never thought that he already had in his possession one of the most amazing trains that man can have, and it’s called imagination; irreplaceable transportation to drive you towards creating amazing things.  He also possessed yet another train, extremely powerful and magical, called willpower.  Without this train he would have never been able to transport what he imagined, into reality.

In spite of the fact that he possessed the marvelous ability to create and invent stories, Disney was rejected form numerous jobs.  Once, he was even told that he was rejected “for not having an imagination”.  He was not a good student in class, and in fact, he fell asleep in classes.  Regardless, he spent more time having fun by creating stories for the school paper that he was a part of.


He spent his time delivering newspapers, never abandoning his his passion for drawing.  His determination later led him to create a small advertising agency, together with another artist, but they had to close shortly after for lack of clients.  It seemed as if Disney had lost yet again.  But perhaps what would be seen by some as a failure or a sign to let things be, Disney saw as one more challenge.  And he grew stronger inside.

Later, he was able to once again open his own agency with his own willpower, during which time he created a few short fairy tales and short stories.  Reality seemed to push the other way, however.  Money was not coming in, and shortly after he had to close once again, what he had barely started.  After creating Alice in Wonderland, he declared bankruptcy.

What would you have done?  Would you have abandoned your dream, or continued forward?  (Continued in part two)   

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