Destiny, Work or Luck (part two)

After closing this agency, Disney went to Los Angeles and took with him his movie about Alice.  We went to several studios looking for work, but had no luck there either.  No one was interested in his work.  But, his willpower train did not surrender, and as he was searching for alternatives, he got together with his brother Roy and asked him to become the administrator for his new agency, Disney Brother’s Studio.  His brother agreed, and it’s as if the magical combination was finally there.  Little by little the agency grew to what would later be known as The Walt Disney Company.

Paradise Island in the form of heartThings are better explained by example.  Here we very briefly told the interesting story of one of the most talented men in the world of fantasy and animation.  We could create a huge list of all the people who have been brilliant and talented throughout history, and that have left or are leaving an unforgettable mark in the book of dreams come true.

Work, dedication and determination

To see magnificent men and women blossom in this world could be cause of jealousy or envy.  But behind every great personality, always lies great work, dedication and determination to fulfill our heart’s inspiration.

This is not only a question of having brought a special talent to the world, nor of spending hours at a time dreaming of things, or of knowing lots of things and finding good excuses.  Genius is a mix of sincere inspiration combined with steel determination, so as to create the necessary willpower so that the heart’s determination outlives the adversity or seeming impossibility that reality frequently places in front of us.  Be it some problem, lacking, doubt, confusion, etc., these are experiences that are nothing more than one of nature’s wise strategy games, designed to develop confidence in yourself, and the necessary ability to achieve what you want.

Every human being has a talent or a special ability they can share brilliantly.  To say that someone was born without a calling is to undermine a very creative and powerful part of nature that each and every human is born with.  Everyone, within their own possibilities, can do something beautiful and magnificent.  When you don’t believe in that which deeply inspires your heart, and you push your dreams and desires aside, then the magic never happens, and life slips through your fingers.  That is when what was once something very alive and vibrant inside seems to grow dull and lifeless.

Remember: great magic is made when someone truly delves into their personal passions, and finds the way to bring them to life.  What does it mean to do something real?  It means that one becomes even bigger than before, not by what could have been made outside, but for what was truly made inside oneself: a greater personal strength.

So if you have a dream, and it seems impossible, or you see too many complications, remember that in this magnificent world, you need only your own desire for things to happen.  Combine your inspiration, your willpower and your work, and the most amazing of your dreams will come true.

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