Apple Seeds: Nutritious or Toxic?

Eating apples is very healthy.  This fruit is sweet and fresh, and it truly one of the most nourishing and effective foods around for regaining health and for preventing a long list of conditions.  However, you should think about their seeds a little as well.  They taste slightly bitter and perfumed, which some people could find pleasant, while others may dislike it.

Apple Seeds: Nutritious or Toxic?In small amounts, these  apple seeds actually are not damaging.  Eating them every once in a while will not cause any sort of problem, except for maybe a few extra toxins in the body.  When you eat apple seeds in large amounts, however, or over long periods of time, they could cause unpleasant reactions in the body.  So it’s best to avoid chewing, or swallowing them whole.

Apple seeds are made up of:

Amygdalin: a compound also known as laetrile prussic acid.  This acid becomes toxic when consumed, as it creates cyanide in the body, another substance which is considered to be truly toxic and very dangerous in the body.  The surface of apple seeds is thick and shiny, which slides through the digestive tract when chewed, and never releases amygdalin.  When you swallow the seeds whole, they may never release their toxic substances into the body, although it could be ever so slightly cracked, without you even realizing it.  When the apple seed is cracked, or when you chew it, grind it or blend it, the substance is then released into the body.  This is released in truly small amounts, however, so you would actually have to eat a lot of seeds back to back in order to get sick, or to become severely intoxicated.  We recommend not eating them, however, because in this way you will prevent it from entering the body.  The kidneys and liver, especially, have to work extra hard to cleanse the body of toxins.

Cyanide: as you’ve already noticed, apple seeds generally have substances that release very small amounts of cyanide into the body.  In order for this to have a harmful effect of someone, the individual would have to consumed seeds from 19 kilos of apples, along with blending the seeds when you eat the apple, just to feel a slight symptom.

What are the symptoms of cyanide intoxication?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, these seeds will only cause a very subtle intoxication, if any at all, if you consume them every once in a while.  You liver might have to work a little harder in eliminating toxic substances, but it won’t go beyond that .  However, if you were to consume a lot of seeds, you could cause intoxication symptoms, which include headaches, stomachaches, nausea and vomiting, or dizziness.  If you are truly consuming a lot and had very high levels of cyanide in the system, this could cause death.

Why is cyanide toxic?

Cyanide is one of the most well-known poisons, which takes a direct effect on the cell’s respiratory centers and prevents oxygen from being transported to the blood.  This leads to respiratory paralysis.

Eating apples:

Although apple seeds contain very minute toxic compounds, always try to remove the seeds when making smoothies, food, or desserts with apples.  This will help prevent you from consuming unnecessary toxins.  There are tons of recipes that you could use to cook with apples.  Apples prevents and cure a lot of diseases, and most of all, they help keep the intestines and digestive system healthy.  They help cleanse the body of toxins and poisonous elements that congest the body.  You must remember that if the intestines and stomach function well, good health is practically inevitable.

Seeds and Nature

Nature has its reasons for mixing certain elements.  If certain substances in the seeds are toxic for humans, there is some reason that nature has made it that way.  Most likely, this was done so that we could continue to have apples.

APPLE SMOOTHIE FOR DETOXING THE BODY (and to help with gastritis, constipation and colitis)

You will need: One small apple, peeled and cored, one glass of water, chia seeds (one tablespoon) juice from two lemons, freshly squeezed, and agave nectar.

Mix everything in a blender and drink before breakfast, daily.  This will not only detoxify your body, but if you have gastritis, colitis, or other stomach problems, like constipation or stomach infections, this will help you.

When drinking this smoothie, avoid eating anything for the following half hour.  Then try to eat mostly raw and steamed vegetables, and drink at least two liters of fresh water a day.

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