Body Aches and Fatigue

When speaking about body aches, we’re going to talk about the type of ache when you don’t know exactly what’s causing it, and you haven’t exercised or exerted yourself, nor do you have any apparent illness.  We’re talking about when you are experiencing that general ache throughout the body, you feel tired, weak, and your muscles ache when you move.  You’ll need to tend to the basic problem causing this.
Body Aches and Fatigue

Causes of body aches

Body aches could be caused by several things: infections, the flu, intoxication, etc., as well as other, more obvious diseases, like arthritis, fibromyalgea, etc.  However, whenever your body hurts and you don’t know exactly what it is, consider a few of these recommendations:

  • Lack of exercise or movement: people that spend a lot of time sitting, or that have a fairly sedentary life, could be accumulating a lot of stress in their bodies.  It is important to do some sort of exercise and to stretch your joints and muscles at least 10 minutes a day.
  • Depression: depression is a state of not wanting to move, where you feel unattractive.  This condition is considered a disease, which could cause body aches, which is one of the most common symptoms.  So don’t push your feelings aside, pay attention and observe the things you need to change or “move” in your life.  Depression has a deep root related to anger, so if you hold onto your anger you will get depressed sooner or later.  So observe what makes you mad or annoys you, and release it.  Don’t unleash on the person causing you the anger, of course, but do so in a place where you can express yourself and move your feeling.  Then, learn new ways of seeing and acting in life, because anger is an attitude.  Truly, no one can make you angry.  If you get angry, it means you have something to learn from that.
  • Lack of vitamins or minerals could cause exhaustion and muscle pain.  It is important to eat a varied diet, and that you include raw and steamed vegetables daily, as well as proteins, which help maintain good muscle condition.  We recommend taking brewer’s yeast, broccoli, extra-virgin olive oil, and plant-based milks daily, especially almond and oatmeal milk.  A balanced diet should contain fish, vegetables, fatty oil and nuts like walnuts and almonds.
  • Lack of water:  dehydration or lack of liquids in the body could cause body aches.  So don’t forget to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, also include fresh vegetable juices, like orange juice, which is rich in vitamin C, and helps absorb calcium.
  • Excessive and constant stress, caused by being rushed throughout the day, causes body aches.  It is important that you learn to relax, and stop running around.  Take time to do things that you like and to grow, to understand yourself.  Body aches could be telling you that your life is too hectic and you are focused on things that don’t actually make you happy.
  • Repressed emotions: often times we feel depressed, sad, angry, and we don’t have time or the will-power to recognize them and let them flow.  The desire to be loved and hugged could cause these types of pains, the need to have someone nearby, so see if you need a good hug, and if so, start by giving yourself a hug.  Often times we want attention or love from others, but if they can’t give it, you need to start by giving it to yourself.
  • Growth: In children and adolescent’s body aches could be due to growth, as they are stretching and straining their muscles to adapt.  So if your adolescent or child is experiencing pain, just give them a good massage with arnica or almond oil, and don’t forget to give them plant-based milks and a healthy diet so their muscles develop appropriately.
  • A lot of exercise also causes these pains.  We recommend that you always perform physical exercise slowly, to prevent the body from getting too worn out or from over-exertion.

So the next time you experience aches in your body and you don’t know why, follow these tips and slowly, you’ll see how the discomfort subsides.  It is important that you keep in mind, most of all, your emotions.

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