The art of Cranial Massage

The art of Cranial MassageCranial massage is performed to “awaken” the head and all the body’s energies.  It is an authentic piece of heaven and makes one feel incredibly well.  Egyptians, Greeks and Romans have all adopted its techniques.  The body loves massages and the mind also benefits from them as well.

Do you know how to give a massage?

Our hands release energy and heat, and when applied to the head they help release moments of tension and therefore help prevent one from becoming weighed down by them.  You must massage the entire head: the frontal, temporal and occipital lobes, the neck, and combine different maneuvers to incline the head, which makes facial massage easier.

Guidelines to follow for a correct cranial massage

  1. Start by making circles with your fingers from the neck to the crown of the head.  Explore your head in the areas you are experiencing pain or tension.
  2. Continue on to rub the head with your hands, moving up and down, and applying friction with your fingers, as if you were brushing your hair.
  3. Then use your fingers to press down on your head.  Start in the center of the head and place both hands on your skull, supporting your fingertips on your head in front of each other.  Press downward from the center towards the sides, holding each point for 5-6 seconds.
  4. Press down on the frontal, temporal and occipital lobes with the palm of your hand, for 6 seconds at each point.
  5. Press down on the neck, moving your fingers upwards as if you were pulling them along.  Then move back down the next.
  6. Massage the small bones at the base of the skull in a circular motion.
  7. End the massage by gently rubbing your hands all over your head, caressing it.

You’ll notice afterwards that the area you worked will feel much softer and lighter.  Once you’ve reached this point, you will feel extremely relaxed.

So what do you think about trying it and sharing with me your comments about how you feel?

You can enjoy this massage by giving it to yourself as a self-massage, or your can give it to your partner.  This massage is great whenever you feel tension or have a headache, be it visual fatigue, an earache, neck pain…  It is meant to release cranial tension both in the cervical area, as well as in the facial muscles, trapezoid, and the shoulders.  These areas will benefit as well even though you won’t work directly with them.  It is important that you do this at home to create an environment with low-lighting or candles.  It’s even better if you use fragranced candles to create a certain magic in the space, almost as if you were at an urban spa.

Benefits of scalp massage

  • Massaging any are in which neurolymphatic nodes are located will promote lymphatic drainage, which removes toxins and provides the following benefits:
  • It is very relaxing and quickly releases tension.
  • Strengthens concentration.
  • Helps alleviate visual fatigue and headaches.
  • Affects nerve endings.
  • Stimulates cranial circulation (brain, memory) and strengthens hair.
  • Makes on feel lighter for making decisions and solving conflicts.
  • Stimulates the sensory organs, light sight, hearing, smell.
  • Does not have side effects or negative effects.

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